Manx Telecom and Huawei launch 4G LTE in the Isle of Man

Huawei replaces Manx Telecom’s existing GSM/HSPA networks and adds 4G LTE network using its singleRAN LTE solution to provide a single manageable platform

Manx Telecom and Huawei launch 4G LTE in the Isle of Man

Huawei and Manx Telecom, the Isle of Man’s leading communication solutions provider, today (29 July 2014) announced the successful deployment of a 4G LTE network to the Island.

Under the agreement, Huawei has replaced Manx Telecom’s existing GSM/HSPA networks and added 4G LTE technology to Manx Telecom’s cellular network, by implementing Huawei's singleRAN LTE solution to provide a single manageable platform.

The service offers Manx Telecom customers a superior mobile broadband experience, allowing them access to the world's most advanced mobile technology for the first time. The launch follows earlier announcement of their collaboration in November 2013.  

4G is available to Manx Telecom customers, enabling a super-fast mobile broadband experience on smartphones or tablets, up to seven times faster than their current 3G service. This includes video calling and conferencing, high-definition content transmissions, high-speed video downloads and uploads, and faster access to social networking platforms.

Speaking about the launch, Mike Dee, Manx Telecom CEO, commented: “This is another first for Manx Telecom and the Isle of Man and we’re delighted to be bringing this fantastic new technology to our customers. For customers already on pay monthly smartphone plans with a 4G ready handset, there will be no extra cost to use the new network, as access is automatically included in these plans.

“We live in a mobile-reliant world and mobile internet is key to this. The growth in services like social media, video conferencing, and media streaming has been unprecedented, to the point where the ability to connect to superfast mobile broadband will soon become an expectation not a luxury. It’s with this in mind that we have partnered with Huawei to launch the new service – setting up ourselves and our customers for a connected future.”

Stefano Cantarelli, VP of carrier networks and deputy MD product and solutions, Huawei UK, said: “Today is about introducing the next age of 4G mobile technology to the Isle of Man. As we move into a better connected world where the likes of video communication is key, both for consumers and business, we are proud to have worked closely with Manx Telecom on improving the telecommunications infrastructure for the Island. Huawei will remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and work with increasing demand for data access and faster technology for our customers.”

Huawei and Manx Telecom also confirmed today that the Huawei Ascend G6, a 4G handset, will be available for Manx Telecom customers along with new 4G capable mobile broadband USB dongle and Mi-Fi devices from Huawei.

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