Malaysia installs Simoco P25 two-way radio communications system

Malaysian government deploys Simoco’s P25 infrastructure and radios for public security organisations

Malaysia installs Simoco P25 two-way radio communications system

The Government of Malaysia has awarded a major contract to Simoco’s partner, Muzzam Teknologi for the deployment of full scale Solar P25 system across the government’s public security division.

Simoco and Muzzam Technologi worked closely together with the customer on the system design, including bespoke development, to meet specific operational requirements.

Together, Simoco and Muzzam Teknologi will install, commission and maintain Simoco’s P25 multi site simulcast system, comprising SB2000 fixed repeaters, Solar P25 infrastructure, SRP9180 portables, SRM9000 mobiles, vehicle and tactical deployable SSR9000 repeaters to provide a secure digital communications infrastructure across Malaysia.

“The Government of Malaysia demanded a reliable, robust and secure communications system for its public security division and Simoco’s P25 solution offers just that,” said Chris Moore, business development director at Simoco. “Our knowledge and expertise in delivering world class critical communication assists in delivering a safe and secure environment for the Malaysian public.”

Solar P25 Simulcast is a fast, spectrum efficient solution designed to deliver wide area coverage whilst avoiding interference between adjacent radio sites. The infrastructure will run Simoco’s P25 AES-encrypted portables and mobiles – recognised by the Department of Homeland Security Compliance Assessment Program (CAP), which provides emergency response agencies with evidence that the communications equipment meets P25 standards for performance, conformance, and interoperability.

Both Muzzam and Simoco will work directly with the Government of Malaysia to ensure the efficient and effective implementation of the full-scale public security project, and provide long-term support and maintenance.

Jamrizal Jamaludin, managing director at Muzzam Teknologi, said: “The ability for a nation to function and prosper relies heavily on its levels of security and safety. Malaysia prides itself on being a peaceful and safe country and, through our partnership with Simoco, we are delighted to be able to support our government in ensuring that all citizens and visitors are safe and secure at all times.”

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