Adax and IP Fabrics partner to provide real-time access to Wi-Fi data analytics

Managed Wi-Fi network analysis previously the preserve of billion-dollar companies can now be accessed by SMEs and MNOs to enable a competitive advantage and turn costs to revenues

Adax and IP Fabrics partner to provide real-time access to Wi-Fi data analytics

Adax and IP Fabrics have announced that they are working on solutions which provide analytics for email, webmail, WebRTC, chat, social media services, 3GPP wireless and upcoming Wi-Fi real-time analytics

Network intelligence, knowledge of what’s happening on a network, requires sophisticated monitoring and analytics capabilities. Network intelligence will make today’s IP networks more efficient and enable new services and therefore new revenue models.

According to ABI Research, Worldwide Wi-Fi deployments reached a total of 4.2 million hotspots in 2013, and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 15% between 2013 and 2018 to exceed 10.5 million. Mobile data growth has boosted the build-out of Wi-Fi hotspots and it is expected that global mobile data traffic will grow from 23,000 petabytes in 2013 to 190,000 petabytes in 2018.

Wi-Fi helps to offload 3G/4G mobile Internet users to Wi-Fi networks which is a more cost-effective method for both mobile carriers and mobile users. This is a growth opportunity that Adax and IP Fabrics are ready to help companies take advantage of.1

IP Fabrics has partnered with Adax to deliver the platform intelligence and performance that network intelligence and 3GPP visibility requires. The Adax Pkt2-AMC and Pkt2-PCIe Cavium-based controllers’ front-end intelligent processing delivers line speed packet processing across a range of platforms in support of IP Fabrics’ DeepProbe and DeepSweep products.

“Adax is just the kind of partner we were looking for,” said Curt Schwaderer, general manager and chief SW architect at IP Fabrics. They are focused on bringing the most advance DPI engines to the market and the development support needed for a successful integrated product.”

“With IP Fabrics well-established history and record of success in the difficult Lawful Intercept marketplace, Adax is assured of a partner who really knows how to make the most out of our DPI platforms,” stated Drew Sproul, marketing director at Adax. “IP Fabrics has the vision to take what they know and expand into some of the most exciting and profitable areas of the All-IP, LTE network.”

Adax is a provider of high-performance packet processing, security, and network infrastructure for the All-IP network. IP Fabrics provides network visibility solutions for enterprise, communications service provider, and government markets.

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