Taqua extends VoWiFi platform to UMTS networks

Virtual mobile core leverages existing smartphone dialler and messaging interface to deliver seamless cellular to Wi-Fi communications

Taqua extends VoWiFi platform to UMTS networks

Taqua, the supplier of mobile and fixed core networking IP convergence systems and applications, announced at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam today (24 June 2014) the general availability of its Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) virtual mobile core for UMTS-based networks.

Taqua’s virtual mobile core VoWiFi solution enables carriers to offer voice and messaging services over W-iFi networks, while keeping the user experience exactly the same whether the calls and messages go over Wi-Fi or cellular. 

Depending upon signal strength, the phone selects the Wi-Fi or cellular network to conduct incoming and outgoing calls and messages. This allows carriers to utilise any existing Wi-Fi access point, reduce cellular spectrum load, and expand and enhance network coverage. 

Leveraging the success of Taqua’s CDMA solution set that was launched by Sprint in February this year, Taqua has completed development of its new UMTS VoWiFi platform and has begun trialling the new UMTS solution with wireless and broadband operators.

“There are significant advantages for wireless and emerging competitive mobile carriers to utilise a seamless ‘Wi-Fi-first’ model for mobile voice and messaging,” said John Hoadley, Wireless CTO at Taqua. “All service providers should take full advantage of Wi-Fi, as it’s the largest network in the world. It is a very cost effective approach for carriers to combat the OTTs and to improve their coverage for voice and messaging services everywhere”.

Taqua’s seamless ‘Wi-Fi-first’ voice and messaging service is unlike any existing Over-the-Top (OTT) application. Taqua’s solution conducts both cellular and Wi-Fi calls from the phone’s native dialler/messaging interface and existing phone number.

Most OTT applications require a separate, downloadable interface, different subscriber contact identity (not the user’s mobile number), and come with numerous subscriber conflicts.

In contrast, Taqua’s solution enables cellular and Wi-Fi calls from a single phone interface and the subscriber’s existing phone number. The Taqua solution uses the phone’s native dialler, contacts, call history and voice mail, as well as the native SMS, using the same message notifications, inbox and outbox. 

Subscribers will not notice the difference between calls made over Wi-Fi or cellular. Taqua’s solution will also work seamlessly with any standards-based native Wi-Fi clients embedded in smartphones and tablets. 

Seamless voice and messaging over Wi-Fi is just one in a series of solutions that are available in Taqua’s virtual mobile core, which is designed to solve interworking challenges between 3G, small cell, Wi-Fi, and 4G/LTE networks.  Other applications include single radio voice call continuity (SRVCC.)

Taqua is showcasing its virtual mobile core’s VoWiFi solution in booth 52a at the 2014 LTE World Summit on 23-25June 2014.

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