Anite launches customer experience monitoring solution

Nemo CEM Observer solution will provide more efficient analysis of the quality of the end-user experience in wireless networks

Anite launches customer experience monitoring solution

Anite, the wireless network testing technology provider, announced today (23 June 2014) at the LTE World Summit in Amsterdam the release of Nemo CEM Observer, a troubleshooting solution, which generates CEM data with drive test level network information enabling efficient root cause analysis.

Most CEM tools running on a subscriber’s mobile device provide both accurate location information and measurement data, no matter when and where the problems occur. However, typical application level CEM data does not address all aspects of QoE. Subscriber perceived data or voice service failures can be caused by network parameters in layer 3 or below. The application could appear to be functioning, yet the end-user is unhappy with the service.

Nemo CEM Observer brings in-depth troubleshooting to customer experience monitoring. It gives engineering-level visibility to mobile network data which can be used to detect the root causes of subscriber experience issues typically caused by the network.

Anite said its solution is the first step towards bringing drive test level diagnostics data into the CEM domain, thus enabling the root cause analysis of user experience problems. Coupled with Anite’s proven post-processing tool, Nemo Analyze, the collected data can be efficiently analysed and visualised.

“High QoE is key to keeping customers loyal and operators are therefore constantly evaluating perceived end-user service quality,” said Kai Ojala, CTO at Anite Network Testing.

“Our newest solution, Nemo CEM Observer, is an in-depth CEM troubleshooting solution for real-time mobile service monitoring from the customer’s perspective. Nemo CEM Observer provides detailed troubleshooting and root cause analysis data for improving wireless networks and services, which in turn leads to happier customers and ultimately to reduced customer churn.”


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