Galtronics unveils narrow beam LTE MIMO stadium antenna

EXTENT D5777i 30/30° narrow beam high gain antenna allows high sectorisation for venues with high data capacity

Galtronics unveils narrow beam LTE MIMO stadium antenna

Galtronics Corporation has unveiled its newest EXTENT D5777i 30/30° narrow beamwidth MIMO panel antenna, which is designed for use in high-capacity venues such as stadiums, arenas, speedways or campuses where excellent wireless coverage is desired.

The narrow 30/30° beamwidth allows high sectorisation within a venue, enabling RF engineers to design distributed antenna systems (DAS) for even higher data capacities.

“With this new product Galtronics’ team has again translated new customer requests into a unique, innovative, industry-leading antenna product,” said Ephraim Ulmer, president and CEO of Galtronics. “It is our top priority to continuously provide the best solutions, to our customers evolving demands in this dynamic and fast developing small cell market.”

The new EXTENT D5777i antenna has fast roll-off beams and minimal side lobes. It also covers a particularly broad frequency range of 698-960/1710-2700 MHz, making it an attractive and future-proof choice for wireless network deployment.

“Our team has successfully developed this amazing antenna covering all bands, keeping a low VSWR, high gain and maintaining a stable 30/30° beamwidth across the complete frequency range,” said Ben Bar, Galtronics’ EVP sales and marketing. “This is the most advanced stadium antenna of its kind and is adding to our quickly growing EXTENT antenna portfolio - a rising star with deployments already in process for Q3 this year.”

Galtronics engineers have developed a mounting bracket for the antenna, which allows both wall and pole mounting, along with the ability to fine-tune the antenna’s tilt and alignment. The bracket also features an extendable arm to increase the antenna’s distance from the wall or pole.

Key features of the EXTENT D5777i MIMO panel antenna include:

  • Dynamic retractable antenna positioning from the pole or wall
  • Port to port isolation of less than -30 dB
  • PIM certification guaranteed to be less than -150 dBc at 2x20W
  • Different connector types available, such as 2x N(F), 2 x 7/16 DIN (F), 2 x 4.1/9.5 Mini DIN (F) or 2 x 4.3-10 (F)
  • Wind survival rating of 150 mph (240 kmh).

The EXTENT D5777i antenna is now available for orders.

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