Motorola expands TETRA two-way radio system at Stuttgart Airport

Latest TETRA solution will provide future-proof voice and data communications at Stuttgart Airport and Baden-Airpark including two new base stations and both mobile and handheld TETRA terminals

Motorola expands TETRA two-way radio system at Stuttgart Airport

Motorola Solutions has been selected to update and extend the TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) digital radio system at Stuttgart Airport and deliver its Dimetra IP Compact solution to Baden-Airpark, the regional airport of the cities of Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden (Germany).

The order is part of a larger framework contract which has been awarded to Stuttgart Airport to lead the introduction of a new digital radio system at Baden-Airpark. The TETRA system will be used as an independent communication platform in various areas of airport operations, including fleet management, freight and logistics.

Due to its sophisticated transmission technology, the solution permits interference-free, secure and clear voice calls in the presence of the loud background noise commonly encountered at airports.

The TETRA technology delivered by Motorola will be implemented and installed by its partner Blickle & Scherer Kommunikationstechnik. Operations and support will be managed by the IT departments of Stuttgart Airport and Baden-Airpark.

At Stuttgart Airport, Motorola will update and expand the existing TETRA digital radio system by installing two TETRA base stations to connect the digital two-way radio infrastructure with the newly implemented Dimetra IP Compact solution at Baden-Airpark.

Motorola’s Dimetra IP Compact provides a comprehensive, scalable communications solution using an enhanced IP architecture to ensure optimum call set-up and availability. The airport’s TETRA digital radio system will also be updated to the latest software platform.

Motorola will also deliver MTP850 handheld TETRA two-way radio terminals (pictured above) and MTM5400 TETRA devices for in-vehicle use. The new TETRA devices and network solutions enable airport staff like ramp agents or baggage handling staff at Baden-Airpark to reliably communicate indoor and outdoor, covering the entire airport area. Dispatcher consoles from Motorola facilitate unrestricted access to fleet management at the airport.

Motorola has worked with Stuttgart Airport since 2009. The first four base stations permit up to 2,000 users to leverage the benefits of TETRA.

Markus Mußler, Head of Department Airport, Baden-Airpark, said: “Together with Stuttgart Airport we have found a very good, economical solution as well as partner with synergies of a highly reliable TETRA infrastructure. We deliberately agreed to this close collaboration to guarantee a secure radio infrastructure with a flexible common operations model for Baden-Airpark in the future.

“Moreover, with the Motorola TETRA radio system we provide a very good voice and data communications solution for our employees and customers at Campus Airport. A secure and clear voice quality for secure data radio communications is the basis for extreme requirements at the airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden.”

Matthias Kolb, Head of Information and Communication Services, Flughafen Stuttgart, said: “We are always aiming at offering our passengers and airlines the best possible service and optimising our operations by supporting our staff’s task completion.

“With the TETRA digital radio systems from Motorola, we benefit from reliable voice and data transmission and the flexibility to easily expand our services and support to other airports. This made Motorola and their partner Blickle & Scherer a perfect fit for our new cooperation with Baden-Airpark.”

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