Motorola Solutions unveils MPact location-based platform for mobile marketing

Combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart solution enables retailers to communicate to shoppers at the right time with the aim of turning browsers into buyers by engaging them in the aisle

Motorola Solutions unveils MPact location-based platform for mobile marketing

With 45% of shoppers already using their mobile devices for mobile coupons, Motorola Solutions has announced a new unified indoor locationing platform to help organisations better meet the demand for customer engagement.

Motorola said its MPact Platform for Mobile Marketing is the first of its kind to offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart technology to engage with shoppers in the aisle when buying decisions are being made.

The solution enables shoppers to opt-in and receive customised offers and personal assistance via a Bluetooth Smart-triggered loyalty app and access Wi-Fi to locate products in store, read reviews, compare prices and look up information.

Locationing technology translates into relevant discounts and special offers for shoppers as well as attentive service that can enhance the overall in-store experience. MPact offers three levels of location services: Presence, Zone and Position using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart to pinpoint the exact location of customer devices in relation to the merchandise they are looking at.

The combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart technology gives insight and visibility to a shopper’s journey in the store while eliminating the need for retailers to deploy, integrate and manage two separate technologies.

By offering both Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi as underlying technologies to provide a comprehensive indoor locationing engine, MPact can enable customer engagement to a whole new level with the right offers, right assistance and right information at the moment of decision, the company claimed.  

MPact’s suite of components include:

  • Bluetooth Smart beacons, which transmit radio signals to smart phones/tablets, can operate in various modes including iBeacon
  • Apple iOS and Android client software development kits (SDK) for integration into loyalty applications for shopper smart phones/tablets
  • An installation application and cloud-based server software with floor plan views, shopper traffic flow insight with analytics and Bluetooth Smart beacon management capabilities.

Motorola provides WLAN solutions to support in-store Wi-Fi networks powered by its WiNG 5 operating system. WiNG 5 provides the advanced brainpower required to create network awareness for the WLAN, allowing every piece of infrastructure in a wireless network to work together to route every transmission as efficiently as possible.

Girish Rishi, senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions, Motorola Solutions, said: “The majority of consumers are already using their smart phones for shopping-related activities. MPact helps retailers interact with shoppers in-store, adding valuable engagement through technology.

“The solution can help shoppers request in-store assistance and receive customised offers to their mobile devices at the right time, potentially increasing total sales and providing an optimised shopping experience.”


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