Two Bavarian fire services select Sepura TETRA radios

Sepura to supply 10,000 TETRA radios, including the STP9000, the STP8X intrinsically safe ATEX/IECEx hand-portable and SRG3900 mobile radios plus accessories

Two Bavarian fire services select Sepura TETRA radios

Sepura’s German partner Selectric GmbH has been awarded two contracts for the supply of TETRA radios and accessories to the fire brigades in the cities of Ingolstadt and Augsburg in central and western Bavaria respectively.

Both contracts will supply the fire services of these two Bavarian provinces with over 10,000 Sepura TETRA radios, comprising a combination of Sepura’s STP9000, STP8X intrinsically safe ATEX/IECEx hand-portables and SRG3900 mobile radios plus accessories.

Hendrik Pieper, general manager for Selectric commented on both contracts: “Sepura’s communication solution was successful as it fulfils the fire services’ specific communications needs. Both fire organisations were impressed with Sepura radios’ gateway and repeater functionalities, which by extending the TETRA network in areas of limited or inexistent coverage, greatly increase the possibility of saving lives. 

“In particular, the SRG3900 radio’s dual console - by enabling installations at both the front and at the back of a fire engine - ensures continuous communications between the fire fighters operating at the back of the fire truck, the control room and the other team members involved in a rescue operation.”

Hooman Safaie, senior business development manager for Sepura, commented: “This contract award, which follows Selectric and Sepura’s success with Mittelfranken Fire Brigade in January this year, now also places us in a market leading position within the non-police specific public safety sphere in Bavaria and is testament to the long and solid partnership between our organisations, which is approaching its 10th year anniversary.”


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