Neul and FarSite Communications announce IoT co-operation

Neul to work with M2M communications equipment provider FarSite to deliver early Internet of Things (IoT) applications

Neul and FarSite Communications announce IoT co-operation

UK firm Neul has announced its co-operation with machine-to-machine (M2M) communications equipment provider, FarSite Communications. FarSite is working closely with Neul to develop a range of M2M/IoT products using Neul’s NT1001 module to communicate with NeulNET low-power, wide-area networks (LP-WAN). The developments include:

netBin – an intelligent bin sensing system, which monitors containers such as waste or recycling bins so that only full bins are emptied. This reduces heavy-lorry road traffic and transport costs as every collection is optimised, staff productivity is improved and the environmental problems of overflowing bins are eliminated. The product is aimed at local councils and commercial waste handling companies. 

Custom integration – FarSite is working with companies wishing to improve the capabilities of their products and services by connecting them to the NeulNET wide area wireless network, which is optimised for IoT M2M operation to create highly cost effective, low maintenance smart products.

Steve Scott, sales and marketing director at FarSite, said: “We have been working with Neul for over two years to develop cost effective, smart, connected products. I’m delighted that FarSite has now become one of Neul’s first integration partners for the groundbreaking NeulNET network. I look forward to many exciting product announcements in the future as a result of this partnership.”

“We’re excited to be working with FarSite to deliver the first applications on our LP-WAN networks,” said Tracy Hopkins, GM business development, Neul. “FarSite is a trusted partner to a range of enterprises, delivering a variety of M2M applications. Leveraging Neul’s LP-WAN technology, we look forward to enabling the next wave of IoT applications together.”


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