Huawei unveils latest agile data centre Cloud connect solution

Solution focuses on connecting Cloud services, Cloud platforms and ICT resources, and is also designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for enterprises

Huawei unveils latest agile data centre Cloud connect solution

Huawei launched its Agile Data Center Cloud Connect solution at the Huawei its Network Congress 2014 (HNC) in Beijing on 25 May 2014. The Cloud Connect Solution is designed to simplify the process for the construction of cloud service systems among enterprises.

It does this by using Huawei’s advanced CloudEngine series of data centre switches, Huawei Agile Controller cloud applications, cloud platforms, and data centre network resources, which can be integrated with improved automation.

Mr. Liu Shaowei, president of Huawei Enterprise Networking Product Line, said: “With the rapid development of cloud computing, Big Data, and mobility, data centre infrastructures are facing unprecedented challenges as well as opportunities. Currently, enterprise servers, storage devices, and switches in data centres are highly virtualised. These devices form a virtual world to support cloud computing.

“However, there are still a large number of independent physical network devices in data centres, and the distinction between the virtual and physical worlds makes it difficult to implement fast service deployment, unified resource allocation, fault isolation and diagnosis, and automated service optimisation.”

To address these challenges, Huawei announced the Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution. The main components of the solution are the advanced CloudEngine series data centre switches and the Agile Controller. Huawei’s Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution focuses on:

Connecting Cloud Services: a service-driven solution, enabling IT administrators to more effective provision of network resources. The Cloud Connect Solution is service-centric and allows IT administrators to ensure the provision of network resources and implement cloud-based network migration more effectively. Furthermore, IT administrators can use service-focused language to define and adjust network requirements. Each type of service can be represented by an independent application profile.

The Agile Controller is capable of interpreting three types of perspectives: the application profile perspective, the logical network perspective, and the physical network perspective.

The Agile Controller automatically converts application profiles into the required logical networks, and delivers the associated configurations to physical network devices, allowing network resources to be dynamically migrated or adjusted on-demand and based on service requirements.

Connecting Cloud Platforms: a uUnified ICT resource allocation and seamless integration with popular cloud platforms. Huawei is actively building a cloud computing data centre ecosystem. The Cloud Connect Solution has been tested to successfully integrate with solutions and technologies from other global cloud infrastructure providers and standards organizations, including:

  • It connects to VMware’s vCloud cloud management platform and NSX network virtualization platform to provide automated network policy migration and VxLAN based hardware gateway solutions.
  • It fuses with Microsoft's Cloud OS to provide a hybrid overlay fabric network solution. This has been successfully deployed in China Mobile’s cloud computing data center in Guangdong.
  • It connects to mainstream cloud platforms, such as OpenStack, for centralized management of the network and IT resources.
  • It connects to the Huawei FusionSphere cloud platform to deliver an end-to-end distributed cloud data center (DC2) solution.

Connecting ICT Resources: a unified resource display with co-ordination of physical and virtual networks. The Cloud Connect Solution provides IT and network administrators with a unified global view of the data center, displaying both physical and virtual network resources. IT and network administrators can monitor global ICT resource allocation, utilization, and fault status in real-time.

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership: compatible with various physical network technologies for smooth evolution. The Cloud Connect Solution decouples logical networks from physical networks and abstracts the differences and dependencies between them. This decoupling creates a solution that is compatible with various physical network models and technologies, providing immediate and long-term investment protection.

“In 2012, we launched the Cloud Fabric Data Center Solution and the industry’s highest performance data centre switches, the CE12800 series, allowing us to build scalable, virtualized, and open cloud data center networks for customers. To date, more than 360 global customers have implemented the Cloud Fabric solution and around 1,800 CE12800 switches have been deployed in cloud computing data centers,” said Mr. Liu.

“Today, we’ve introduced the Agile Data Center Cloud Connect Solution and we want to work with our partners to build a fully integrated cloud service system. The solution will integrate network, compute, and store resources in data centres to unify the virtual and physical network worlds, implementing multi-cloud connectivity and cloud-based network automation to make cloud computing simpler.”

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