NEC and NTT DOCOMO test mobile core network virtualisation

Tests verified basic EPC performance by applying virtualisation technology to EPC software, which takes on LTE data communication functions

NEC and NTT DOCOMO test mobile core network virtualisation

NEC Corporation and Japanese mobile operator NTT DOCOMO have successfully conducted joint verification tests that use virtualised Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) to improve telecom connectivity and enable fast delivery of new telecom services.

With these tests, the companies verified that virtualization platforms provide the functions required for network functions virtualisation (NFV).

These tests verified basic Evolved Packet Core (EPC) performance by applying virtualization technology to EPC software that takes on LTE data communication functions. The tests also confirmed EPC’s ability to adaptively boost processing capabilities through controls from the system that manages EPC in response to how much data customers use.

They also checked the platform’s performance during a breakdown in hardware functions, when a backup structure was quickly and automatically constructed using different hardware in order to sustain stable data communications.

“NFV is highly expected to bring changes in the ecosystem of network industries,” said Seizo Onoe, executive VP and CTO at DOCOMO. “Nonetheless, unless there's a high degree of collaboration between players, this would end up being a pie in the sky. Therefore, I am delighted that we can successfully collaborate on PoC with NEC.”

“NEC is honoured to collaborate with DOCOMO in the trial of this virtual mobile core technology,” said Shunichiro Tejima, executive VP, NEC Corporation. “NEC began commercial shipments of vEPC solutions in 2013 and we look forward to continuing our active involvement in joint research and tests with players spanning the entire NFV industry as part of offering global solutions for flexible, fast networks that are optimised for services.”

NEC said its software defined network (SDN) initiatives are a core aspect of its social solutions business, where the company offers NFV through its NEC SDN solutions and its NFV solutions menu for the telecom carrier market.

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