CCW 2014: Huawei showcases its eLTE broadband trunking solution

Huawei demonstrates enterprise LTE solution at Critical Communications World 2014 with the aim of providing a broadband solution for mission critical use in public safety and industry

CCW 2014: Huawei showcases its eLTE broadband trunking solution

Huawei showcased its enterprise LTE (eLTE) broadband trunking solution at Critical Communications World (CCW) 2014, held in Singapore from 20-22 May 2014. Huawei saig that more and more companies are supporting the eLTE solution, to promote the development and commercialization of enterprise LTE (eLTE) by joining eLTE Solution Alliance.

The eLTE Solution Alliance is a professional ICT organization, formed by Huawei and 29 industry partners. The Alliance shares a vision of transforming enterprises with more efficient communications and collaboration for greater security, productivity and economic growth. 

To help customers cope with the new challenges and meet growing demand for "big data" capabilities, Huawei’s 4G-based eLTE broadband trunking solution integrates voice, video and data trunking, as well as multiple-network applications into a converged wireless broadband communication infrastructure.

The company believes it provides an ideal shared broadband network for multiple enterprises to exercise control and create synergy in managing communications. However, the many of the mission critical features found in the radio standards used by emergency services, such as TETRA, Tetrapol and P25 are not available in the LTE standard as yet.

That means any solution for key mission critical voice functionality, such as group call, push-to-talk over LTE, priority and pre-emption, has to be a propriatary solution from individual vendors for now. 

During CCW, Huawei demonstrated the eLTE solution, which has been adopted by various organisations and governments for mission-critical communications in public safety, metro systems, ports and airports. 

A broad portfolio of eLTE services, including broadband trunking, video surveillance, eLTE quick deployment broadband trunking system and eLTE interoperation with Huawei’s telepresence system, was exhibited at Huawei’s booth.

With these demonstrations, Huawei aims to showcase the openness of its eLTE technology, its ability to link with other technologies, as well as the company’s expertise in transforming private networks into broadband communication systems.

Norman Frisch, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Wireless Solution Sales, Huawei, delivered a keynote speech, “Safer and More Secure Delivery of the 2013 Asian Youth Games - Mission Critical Communications for Smart City” at the CCW’s plenary session.

Frisch shared the case study on the Nanjing municipality in which Huawei’s eLTE solution was adopted because the government’s existing Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G public network, in addition to the TETRA network, could not provide the performance, reliability, bandwidth, and scalability required by a government network.

To date, the Huawei eLTE solution has covered the entire urban Nanjing area, providing multiple services for the government including visualised commanding and dispatching, smart grid and hydrologic data monitoring, transportation and key location video surveillance, as well as e-governance services.

The eLTE network has also been developed to be compatible with the TETRA system to protect the government’s legacy investments. The eLTE solution also played a significant role in ensuring the success of the 2013 Asian Youth Games, the company said.

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