CCW 2014: Thales helps upgrade Lyon's public transportation network

Thales's proprietary TETRA technology used to upgrade SYTRAL, France's second- largest urban public transportation network, to provide dependable and interoperable voice communications

CCW 2014: Thales helps upgrade Lyon's public transportation network

Thales has been selected by SYTRALto help upgrade the public transportation network for Lyon and its suburbs. Thales is involved in modernising the existing radio infrastructure for the network and upgrading the fleet management and passenger information systems on buses. 

This public transportation network covers a large geographic area. SYTRAL has recorded an increase in passenger numbers on the network and needs to maintain a high standard of service.

Radio infrastructure

Internal communications across the network are largely based on the existing TETRA digital radio system. This system needs to be upgraded to provide network agents, drivers and other users with new functionalities, such as data exchange (task transfers and database checks etc.). 

SYSOCO, one of France's leading providers and integrators of professional radiocommunication networks, is responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of a Digim@x TETRA infrastructure, incorporating TETRA Over IP technology developed by Thales.

This open-ended infrastructure will allow new services, including multi-organisation, geolocation and other operational applications, to be integrated in the future. The chosen solution also offers high levels of network resilience and availability as well as simple and intuitive management. 

In addition, the progressive upgrade of these communication systems will improve radio coverage in indoor areas, such as bus depots, metro stations and metro and tram maintenance workshops. 

Fleet management and passenger information system

To raise the standard of service for users of Lyon's public transportation network, SYTRAL has also selected Thales to upgrade the fleet management and passenger information systems on buses. 

The current system, deployed by Thales in 2002, is installed on more than 1,000 buses on around 120 routes, making it the most extensive bus network in France managed by a single fleet management system. 

Thales will manage obsolescence for the customer, provide maintenance services and upgrade the current system in several successive phases, with no disruption to the system or operations during the transition period. 

The upgrade covers the central system, in-bus equipment and interfaces (needed to accommodate the new long-range radio system) as well as the addition of important new functionalities. For example, the new vehicle localisation system will improve the way fleet operations are managed as well as the quality of information provided via the 700 passenger displays. 


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