CCW 2014: Motorola Solutions showcases intelligent real-time solutions for public safety and industry

Motorola demonstrates how data feeds can be captured in real-time by control centres, intelligently analysed and then packaged into relevant information for redistribution to staff in the field

CCW 2014: Motorola Solutions showcases intelligent real-time solutions for public safety and industry

Motorola Solutions showcased how the company brings ‘focused innovation to mobilize intelligence across public safety and national security, transportation and logistics, as well as minerals and energy industry sectors’, at Critical Communications World held during 20-22 May 2014 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Motorola demonstrated how its technology helps to harness the information surrounding us and integrates the inputs into a single unified stream. Where data, voice and video co-exist and public safety inputs are paired with information flowing from throughout the city for a single, real-time operational view of every situation -- enabling communications centres to better anticipate, forecast and predict and for actions in the field to become more informed and collaborative.

Motorola themed its demonstrations around three key areas: public safety, transportation and the minerals and energy sector

Public Safety

In the Public Safety showcase, it sought to demonstrate how critical responders across government agencies can collaborate securely and in real-time using mission-critical intelligence to shift from reacting to what has just happened to being ready for what’s next.

Visitors were able to experience a life-size command and control operation pulling voice, data and video into a single unified stream, so dispatchers and responders can make more informed decisions with a common operating view. 

Whether it’s a police car, an ambulance or a fire engine, a public safety vehicle can now act as an extension of the first responder – or a virtual partner in the field – ushering in a new era of mobile intelligence in emergency services.

First responders form the most critical asset of every public safety agency. Motorola Solutions is equipping the connected officer and firefighter to provide interoperability solutions connected across radio and broadband, private and public networks to ensure data is delivered. It also demonstrated how end-to-end security solutions protect sensitive communications against a new cyber-threat matrix.

LEX 755 mission-critical LTE handheld

Motorola also introduced the successor to its Lex 700 hand-held device in the shape of the new LEX 755 mission-critical LTE handheld. The Android-based device is purpose-built and optimised for first responders, is reinforced to meet public safety expectations and is ready with mission-critical applications for real-time video intelligence and operational effectiveness. 

Transportation and Logistics

Access to real-time data is critical to each and every delivery – and is the foundation of what keeps the business of moving people or cargo 24/7. In the Transportation and Logistics showcase, Motorola Solutions showed how to keep operations moving with hassle-free efficiency, no matter the location.

The movement of people and cargo is a dynamic, real-time environment demanding quick decision-making to ensure the right person or package arrives at the right location at the right time. Motorola’s Integrated Transportation Communications Centre maintains on-time operations and simplifies incident management with a unified view. 

Team members in rail operations, airports and sea ports are equipped with communications technology optimally designed for the challenging environments they work in, so they can keep in touch, be heard and get their message across – the first time.

Teams can rapidly organise ground crews during planned and unplanned events and intelligently dispatch tasks to deliver better customer satisfaction. Dynamic regrouping of work teams and real-time asset management all accelerate productivity and profitability.

Minerals and Energy

In the Minerals and Energy showcase, Motorola Solutions is helping organisations protect their assets and reach team members at all times, become better equipped to reach production quotas and maximise extractions, and maintain worker safety.

Visitors were able to interact with an Integrated Remote Operations Centre (IROC) providing a unified, multimedia-enabled view of site operations to provide accurate and timely decision-making, so teams are informed and productivity does not stop.

Motorola Solutions’ personnel safety solutions – from assured voice and man-down alerts, GPS tracking and automated safety checks, to transportable communications infrastructure can provide instant reach to all team members and knowledge of where critical assets are at any time.

Automated or machine-to-machine (M2M) operations reduce the need for human intervention and provide early notification of potential problems.  Backed by real-time monitoring, Motorola Solutions demonstrated how organisations are in a much stronger position to maintain 24/7 productivity.

ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit

The new ACE1000 remote terminal unit leverages TETRA data capabilities to support machine-to-machine (M2M) and fixed telemetry (SCADA) applications even within intrinsically safe operating environments.

The ACE1000’s unique connection capabilities allow your system to communicate using a variety of outputs (slow dial-up, medium speed RF, and high speed wireless), at no extra cost. Designed for a wireless environment, the ACE1000 assures reliable communications over RF, LAN/WAN networks, so you can be sure your data is being transferred securely.

The ACE1000 allows RTU-central and RTU-RTU communications, along with a Store & Forward feature (when supported by infrastructure) which can be used to pass messages between RTUs in the system, so you don’t have to purchase additional repeaters or expensive antennas. Its communication flexibility gives you the freedom to customize your system that’s easy on your budget.

Key features include:

  • Motorola radio support  (Digital Trunked ASTRO, Digital MOTOTRBO, TETRA)
  • Easy-programming tool (via WEB browser)
  • RTC back-up battery  
  • 256 MB of FLASH memory
  • IECEx/ ATEX - EXnA IIC T4 (Cat 3/Zone 2)*
  • 256 MB of RAM memory
  • 9-30 VDC input voltage range
  • Sleep/low-power
  • 3rd party modem support


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