Vodafone UK and Huawei undertake small cell 4G trial on 2.6GHz spectrum

Huawei’s Lampsite LTE technology currently being trialled at Vodafone’s UK HQ will provide enterprises with in-building coverage solutions

Vodafone UK and Huawei undertake small cell 4G trial on 2.6GHz spectrum

Vodafone and Huawei announced today (13 May 2014) that Vodafone UK’s 4G service using its 4G 2.6Ghz spectrum on a small cell system is now successfully deployed in Huawei’s UK headquarters. The solution is providing employees and visitors with 4G data speeds of up to 82Mbps downlink and 42Mbps uplink.   

The service launch, using Huawei’s ‘LampSite’ LTE 2.6, was witnessed by Vodafone UK’s CTO Fergal Kelly along with members of his team. 

Created in partnership between the companies’ technology and innovation teams, Huawei will continue to develop the technology with plans for Vodafone UK to offer the Lampsite technology to its medium and large business customers at a later date.

Fergal Kelly, CTO of Vodafone UK, stated: “I am delighted to see 2.6Ghz in action on small cell and the impressive data speeds it offers. I’m also impressed with the rapid response from Huawei to this innovation challenge from Vodafone. One year to the day from initial discussion to live product is fantastic and such pace of innovation will be invaluable to Vodafone as we continue to build out the UK’s strongest network.”

"We are totally aligned with our customer's enterprise market needs," said Dr. Zhou Yuefeng, president of Huawei's small cell and Wi-Fi product line. "This solution is a result of our key joint innovations with Vodafone and is designed with the technology and business requirements of our valued customers in mind."

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