Selex ES launches TacSat Razor Antenna for military use

New lightweight, UHF tactical satellite, man-portable antenna is designed to provide an easily deployable ‘hands free’ communication solution in the field

Selex ES launches TacSat Razor Antenna for military use

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, has launched the TacSat Razor Antenna, designed to provide front-line forces with robust, lightweight, on-the-move, high performance tactical satellite communications to optimise communications.

Weighing around 1kg, the TacSat Razor Antenna uses patented product design to offer a rapid deployment antenna, with a maximum 20W power output in the UHF tacsat band. It is designed specifically for physically demanding battlefield conditions, whilst addressing the relevant radiation hazard standards.

Innovative and patented construction and deployment technologies make it easy and quick to deploy, along with the ability to operate it in a ‘hands free’ mode, keeping troops both ready for action and fully informed.

The antenna can be simply attached to the side of a standard military rucksack. Alternatively, it can be mounted on a standard tripod or camera spike or on a vehicle using a magnetic mount.

Users simply pull a strap to launch the antenna from its housing. It is withdrawn back into the container by pulling the same strap in the other direction. The antenna’s modular construction facilitates cleaning and ease of repair in the field.

The TacSat Razor Antenna reduces time to deploy and snagging and eliminates the soldier ‘down time’ incurred by less effective ergonomic designs. It is environmentally qualified to Mil Std 810-G and is IP68 rated for water immersion. An instruction manual is provided.

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