Sepura deploys its first DMR two-way radio system in Ipswich

Sepura makes its first break into the DMR market in the UK following its decision in 2013 to add DMR products to its digital radio portfolio

Sepura deploys its first DMR two-way radio system in Ipswich

Sepura has delivered its first DMR radio system to the town of Ipswich for its central retail area. Sepura only moved into the DMR space in 2013 having previously been solely a TETRA two-way radio manufacturer.

The Ipswich success was achieved in conjunction with MRS Communications, Sepura’s Cardiff-based DMR partner. MRS Communications won the official competitive tender issued by Ipswich Central - the Business Improvement District Company for Ipswich that manages and markets Suffolk’s county town - for the replacement of the town’s ageing legacy analogue communication system. Pivotal to MRS Communications’ proposal was Sepura’s comprehensive and competitive DMR communication solution.

The new system, which went live on 15 April 2014, is a ‘shop watch’ scheme used to report shop-lifting incidents and provide general intelligence on activities within the town centre. Over 160 users are now using Sepura SBP8040 DMR hand-portables, with keypads and displays, connected through an SBR8040 repeater which enables radio call activity to be captured on a PC-based application software package.

Paul Clement, chief executive of Ipswich Central, said: “We are committed to the improvement of Ipswich town centre and are confident that Sepura’s DMR communication solution is a very significant step forward in enabling all retail and licensee organisations in our town centre to operate smoothly and profitably. I am delighted to add that the new system has been already very well received by both evening and daytime businesses.”

David Horton, managing director from MRS communications commented: “We were confident that Sepura’s DMR offering would more than meet Ipswich town centre’s communications needs and were easily able to convince Ipswich Central as to the strength of the Sepura brand owing to Sepura’s undisputed leadership in the UK public safety market.”

Gordon Watling, CEO for Sepura, concluded: “I am proud that my own home town has chosen Sepura’s DMR technology for the deployment of our first DMR system in the UK and I am delighted that all retail organisations and licensees in the Ipswich town centre are reaping the benefits of improved communications which will help them develop and flourish.”

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