Stream adds Iridium to its M2M satellite line-up

Addition of Iridium’s low earth orbit satellite network means Stream can now offer GPRS, 3G, 4G, geostationary satellite and LEO satellite services to provide M2M connectivity

Stream adds Iridium to its M2M satellite line-up

Stream Communications, the provider of connectivity for M2M and IoT, will be adding Iridium’s satellite services to its range of connectivity options. Iridium, which is US-based, owns and operates a constellation of low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites, which are widely used for M2M communications.

Unlike geostationary satellites Iridium offers truly global coverage and is well-known for the small footprint of its modules, which makes it ideal for applications where size is a factor, such as vehicle telematics.

Martin Wiesner, director of satellite M2M at Stream, said: “If you combine Iridium’s strengths with our years of experience in M2M and our central position in the emerging IoT sector, it’s a natural fit. There’s a definite need for multiple types of satellite technology alongside our established GSM solutions.

“The fact that we can offer all of it on our unique IoT-X platform makes it ideal for those who may consider satellite but are concerned about the cost and effort associated with the on-boarding process. We make it very easy and we’re proud of the fact that most new customers are up and running within a few days.”

Having signed with Iridium means that Stream can now offer GPRS, 3G, 4G, geostationary satellite and LEO satellite services, on a single connectivity platform that is network agnostic.

Wiesner added: “We offer an increasingly varied range of connectivity options and we cater for all sorts of data requirements. From very low to very high data volumes, satellite or GSM. Add our 'drop-in' low power radio network capabilities and we can literally connect everything from a thermostat to a CCTV camera, anywhere on the globe.”

Stream’s 'drop-in' network consists of distributed RF transmitters, which communicate to a base station from where data is relayed either via GSM or satellite to an IP destination. This is particularly useful in mines, industrial plants, smart cities and any other environment where distributed metrics need to be gathered and monitored.

These metrics may consist of the status or location of an asset or group of assets, or even people. Stream recently received the Scottish Enterprise Smart Award to carry out R&D relating to its LPRN, enabling full management & billing within its IoT-X platform.


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