Red Ledge and BSG launch RFID fire incident tracking system

System tracks RFID-tagged firefighters and equipment across any incident, saving time and lives and can also be used in policing and industrial environments

Red Ledge and BSG launch RFID fire incident tracking system

Red Ledge has teamed up with BSG Command Systems to launch iSCOPE, an incident sector command-level system, which uses RFID tags to constantly track fire fighter locations, breathing apparatus air levels and other equipment assets in real time, across all zones of any incident.

RFID’s wireless technology does not require a line of site and can be used in extreme conditions. Red Ledge and BSG are claiming a market first for the product, which has been test-trialled in an FRS fire and rescue service environment.

West Yorkshire-based Red Ledge is a software application and engineering company specialising in RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, while BSG Command Systems is a fire and crisis management technology consultancy.

iSCOPE uses a quick-deploy portal to scan incoming and outgoing fire fighters for the data held on their uniform or helmet RFID tag, which identifies them and also determines whether they have the skill set for the incident tasks they have been assigned.

The system records all Airwave and other communications at an incident, and can also be used to call up the latest health and safety documentation for at-incident reference.

Policing and other markets

iSCOPE can also be used in other public safety and security environments requiring incident asset management, including policing and industrial – worldwide. RFID-driven tracking applications in policing include scenes of crime, chain of evidence and the management and tracking of police firearms.

“iSCOPE is the product of world class RFID technology and fire service knowledge, and has been developed to meet an urgent need for faster, better incident management at sector level. We believe it is the first system of its kind,” Red Ledge and BSG Command Systems said in a joint statement yesterday (30 April 2014).

The global RFID market is forecast to grow at 22.4% per annum (CAGR) to 2018, according to Infiniti Research.


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