Globalstar Europe Satellite Services launches satphone cash-back offer

Offer of up to €500 cash-back with every new Globalstar GSP-1700 satellite phone through participating dealers until 26 September 2014 across Europe and North Africa

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services launches satphone cash-back offer

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services announceda “Free Phones For All” campaign offering cash-back of up to €500 on every new GSP-1700 satellite phone bought with a contract from all participating dealers across Europe and North Africa today (28 April 2014).

Consumers and business users buying Globalstar’s flagship GSP-1700 (pictured), a small, lightweight, consumer-friendly handset, which the company claims provides the fastest handheld data speeds available on any satellite phone, can effectively get their phone for free in the “Free Phones For All” programme.

“We’re delighted to see Globalstar drive adoption with this innovative campaign. There are many people who haven’t experienced the market-leading voice quality Globalstar delivers. This free phones for all initiative will help expand the reach of satellite usage beyond its traditional markets,” commented Mark Sykes, director of UK-based Globalstar Re-seller, Applied Satellite Technology Ltd (AST).

Globalstar already offers the lowest cost prepaid service in the mobile satellite telephony market. Furthermore, the GSP-1700 satphone delivers the best voice quality in the market, with super-clear sound and no annoying latency delays thanks to Globalsar’s state-of-the-art satellite network, the first complete next-generation satellite constellation operating today.

“Free Phones For All” is Globalstar’s way to help ensure that consumers and professionals working in fields as diverse as commercial fishing, oil & gas and forestry as well as emergency services can all benefit from crystal clear voice quality and the industry’s fastest satphone data transfer rates,” said Gavan Murphy, director of marketing, EMEA and LatAm, Globalstar Europe.

 “The Free Phones For All programme is an ambitious initiative which demonstrates our commitment to making world-class satellite communications available to everyone.”

The level of cash-back available is dependent on the voice and data package selected on purchase:

Activated Service Plan                               Cash-Back Amount

Voice & Data 100 Plan/Data 250 Plan              €60

Voice & Data 250 Plan/Data 500 Plan              €100

Voice & Data 500 Plan/Data 1,000 Plan           €200

Voice & Data 1,000 Plan/Data 2,000 Plan        €300

Voice & Data 2,000 Plan                                €500

This programme is the latest initiative from Globalstar Europe as it strives to achieve its ambition to bring satellite telephony to the mass market.

In January, Globalstar Europe launched its pre-pay service in EMENA, enabling consumers and commercial users to benefit from the worldwide Globalstar network without a contract.

Seasonal and occasional satellite phone users including fishermen in the Atlantic, emergency aid workers in Syria, leisure boat owners in the Med and oil & gas workers in the Nordics no longer need to worry about an annual contract when they go beyond the mobile phone network.

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