Boingo to deploy DAS and Wi-Fi network at John Wayne Airport

Southern California airport looks to provide comprehensive connectivity services using a distributed antenna system (DAS) and upgraded Wi-Fi network

Boingo to deploy DAS and Wi-Fi network at John Wayne Airport

Boingo Wireless has been selected as a neutral host wireless network partner by John Wayne Airport (SNA), a southern California airport serving more than nine million passengers per year.

Boingo will provide comprehensive connectivity services for the airport under a long-term agreement. The company will design, install and manage a new neutral host distributed antenna system (DAS) for the airport, which will boost cellular coverage and capacity throughout the airport.

Boingo said its approach to indoor DAS deployments maximises carrier participation and ensures carrier-grade coverage for all users. Boingo will manage any future deployments of cellular small cell networks at the airport.

Boingo will also upgrade John Wayne Airport’s existing Wi-Fi network, ensuring fast, reliable coverage throughout the airport. Ad-supported free Wi-Fi service will continue to be available to all travellers, enabled by the Boingo Media platform.

The new network will also be Passpoint-enabled, providing seamless access to the secure Wi-Fi network using the industry’s latest technologies. Users who have Passpoint-capable devices and have installed a Passpoint profile will automatically be connected to the WPA2-encrypted network.

“With our passenger traffic growing each year, it’s important that our wireless networks are enhanced to meet today’s connected travelers’ needs, and built to scale as travelers carry more devices that consume data more quickly,” said Alan L. Murphy, airport director, John Wayne Airport.

“The airport prides itself on providing our passengers with a first-class travel experience, and Boingo Wireless helps us ensure that all of our traveller’s wireless needs are covered.”

Scott Phillips, Boingo Wireless vice president of business development for North American airports, commented: “John Wayne Airport is the gateway to one of the most popular tourist areas in the U.S., and the network sees significant usage by both road warriors maintaining their productivity and leisure travellers trying to keep their kids entertained.

“We look forward to leveraging our experience as DAS and Wi-Fi provider for some of the world’s busiest airports and providing an excellent passenger experience at John Wayne.

“Our relationships with Tier One carriers, unparalleled network design team, ad sales force, and advanced real-time business intelligence will streamline the process of providing a great connected experience to travellers, and provide increased efficiencies to the airport operations team.”

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