Simoco radios deployed at Sepang for Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Radio support delivered at Formula 1 following successful deployment at Malaysian Motocycle Grand Prix in October last year

Simoco radios deployed at Sepang for Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Simoco Group returned to Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia last weekend (30 March 2014) to provide race control audio for the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix. The mobile radio specialist supplied 200 portable radios to ensure the smooth running of the event following the successful deployment of the same equipment at Malaysian Motorcycle GP at Sepang in October 2013.

The radios, TSP5000, enabled users – from administration, marshals and security through to product vendor stands – to control and co-ordinate the Formula 1 race and ensure the safety of spectators and event staff and contribute to a successful, high profile event. With heavy rain causing disruption for most of the weekend, the radio’s heavy-duty design proved to be a reliable communications tool during the wet weather.

“With average speeds reaching 185 mph at the Malaysian Grand Prix, communication is absolutely critical for the hundreds of staff and contractors working at this fast-paced event,” said Chris Moore, business development director at Simoco.

“It needs to work 100% of the time too – especially outdoors when there are variable factors like the weather. In the extreme weather conditions that we saw, the competitor radios used in previous years proved to be less reliable than Simoco’s equipment which we built specifically to manage communications at large scale complex events in any terrain.”

Distributed in South East Asia by authorised partner Muzzam Teknologi, TSP5000 has built a reputation as a cost effective 16-channel push to talk hand portable radio since launching in the market in 2009.

It features a built-in GPS module based on the proven SiRFstarIII LPx chipset, allowing users to determine the location of a terminal in real time, which is vital in the event of an accident at the race. Furthermore, its Bluetooth functionality provides wireless Tx/Rx communication via a Bluetooth headset without the need for a separate dongle.

Last month, Simoco installed its communications infrastructure to provide network coverage for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne and deployed portable and mobile radio equipment to the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and over 1000 contractors involved in the race.


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