New IoT company Senaptic aims to bypass traditional networks

Leading entrepreneurs launch new business model aimed at monetising the Internet of Things by removing dependency on traditional networks

New IoT company Senaptic aims to bypass traditional networks

A new company called Senaptic launched this week (3 April 2014) aiming to revolutionise the way the Internet of Things is monetised. Senaptic has emerged from Plextek, one of Europe’s leading electronic design consultancies, and has several key differentiators.

It bypasses network operators completely (working with custom, highly-efficient, scaleable non-cellular radio technology). It assesses the business cases of individual IoT propositions on a consultative basis, making recommendations that will ensure value and profit is felt at every stage of the value chain.

It features a management team of technology industry veterans, including Jon Lewis, chief innovation office at Plextek and Will Franks (pictured), founder and CTO of small cell provider Ubiquisys, which was acquired by Cisco last year.

Senaptic focuses on ultra-scalable private network solutions for smart cities and utilities. It has an innovative business model providing end-to-end solutions that are already turning the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) into significant revenue streams in global markets.

Senaptic’s solution starts with a business case, not a network, working with its growing ecosystem of technology partners and regional licensees to deploy systems tailored to local needs, delivering business benefits right across the value chain.

The Senaptic business model has already been successfully rolled out in key markets that include Russia and China. Currently deployed systems include:

  • smart city monitoring of citywide parking availability
  • vehicle tracking and recovery
  • remote control and monitoring of streetlights across cities or regions.

These and other solutions are available to local licensees through Senaptic’s Apella - an integrated suite of M2M packages developed to address IoT opportunities affordably, effectively and profitably. Apella incorporates Senaptic’s ultra narrow band radio technology, which radically increases the return on investment from deployed systems, the company asserts.

The Senaptic approach is founded on the proven technology and business model of respected technology provider Plextek, which has shipped over six million IoT devices to over 30 countries. Senaptic will use this technology to bring scale and global reach to this successful model.

Senaptic CEO Will Franks said: “It’s clear that the Internet of Things is more than just game-changing. It is world-changing. The big question is how it can be rapidly developed and monetised. By removing the dependency on traditional networks, we believe that Senaptic has the answer.”

Senaptic CTO Tim Jackson added: “A vast market exists for IoT solutions across sectors as diverse as smart energy, healthcare, asset tracking and much more. Senaptic’s focus is as much on understanding the opportunity as on applying technology that has already proven itself in the market. We are now looking forward to expansion throughout 2014 and well beyond.”

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