Stream Communications receives funding boost for low power radio network R&D

Specialist IoT and M2M service provider awarded SMART Scotland award for R&D, which it will use to further development work in management functionality around LPRN

Stream Communications receives funding boost for low power radio network R&D

Stream Communications, the provider of specialist mobile and satellite network services to the IoT and M2M sectors, has received verbal approval of a £100,000 Scottish Enterprise SMART: SCOTLAND award for innovative R&D into low power radio networks (LPRN).

The award will enable Stream to undertake development work into management functionality around LPRN's and will also aim to integrate such functionality onto OaSys, Streams proprietary service enablement platform.

Nigel Chadwick, Stream's co-founding director, stated: "LPRN based technologies are the final piece of the connectivity being developed onto the Stream platform. Already the platform is gaining increasing recognition for its functionality, but the fact we will be able to manage LPRN alongside GSM and satellite services makes this technical development truly agnostic in terms of network operator and type of network service'.

“This project is of particular relevance because it opens up the prospect of delivering fully manageable private network services, as a 'drop-in' based localised network, with data then backhauled over 3G/4G or satellite. This type of network service is valuable to projects relating to Smart City environments, areas without mobile network services, and as a primary or secondary network service where data transferred is needing guaranteed," said Chadwick.

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