BridgeWave unveils new backhaul and microwave radio link products

Flex4G-UHA (ultra high availability) product is designed to provide wireless backhaul solutions for 4G networks, with the new EtherFlex family of point-to-point radio links provides Ethernet connectivity over medium to long range distances

BridgeWave unveils new backhaul and microwave radio link products

BridgeWave has launched the first in a family of next generation 80GHz solutions in the shape of the Flex4G-UHA (ultra high availability) product and its EtherFlex family of microwave radio links (6-40GHz).

The Flex4G-UHA combines advanced technology innovations with a comprehensive specification and it will aggressively compete to become the established virtual fibre solution for mobile backhaul, enterprise, government, education and healthcare markets. 

FLEX4G-UHA provides wireless backhaul solutions for 4G LTE networks. As mobile data consumption increases exponentially, operators are looking for backhaul solutions that provide the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with the flexibility to easily scale to meet tomorrow’s bandwidth demands.

BridgeWave’s Flex4G-UHA has been designed to alleviate the strain on backhaul connections by combining advanced radio and modem capabilities with carrier-grade Ethernet features.

Flex4G-UHA provides comprehensive timing support required for 4G/LTE deployments, including Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588.v2 with hardware-based time stamping for one-step or two-step clocks. With low power consumption and PoE++ capability, Flex4G-UHA provides all of the above in an environmentally friendly, compact and lightweight, zero-footprint all-outdoor solution.

Implementing BPSK modulation achieves improved link budget compared to high QAM systems. Furthermore, incorporating BridgeWave’s patented AdaptRate technology achieves an additional 10dB link budget gain when switching from 1250 MHz to 125 MHz channel bandwidths.

BridgeWave’s Silicon Germanium (SiGe) integration reduces complexity and increases reliability. Carrier Ethernet services are provided through the use of an integrated low-latency switch supporting jumbo frames while including Quality of Service (QoS), VLAN support, Provider Bridge (Q-in-Q) along with Ethernet OAM management.

EtherFlex microwave radio links

BridgeWave has also announced the expansion of its product portfolio with the addition of EtherFlex. This is a family of microwave point-to-point radio links (6-40GHz) designed specifically to meet the requirements of service providers, government and network operators who require highly-reliable, cost-effective, Ethernet connectivity over medium to long range distances. 

With a base capacity of 100Mbps full-duplex, BrideWave says EtherFlex provides higher initial capacity than other all-outdoor microwave solutions and is easily upgradeable to full duplex 364Mbps (ETSI) or 314 Mbps (ANSI) capacity with a single software licence key.

Compact and lightweight, the all-outdoor design affords rapid fitting on any REMEC style antenna mount. Considerations for radio power further simplify the installation process, with Power over Ethernet and singlel CAT5 cable connection to the radio. PoE injectors are included with the radio and are fully weather-sealed for outdoor mounting with hardware for pole or wall mounting.

EtherFlex provides the highest link budget for an all-outdoor solution, yielding greater link availability and/or the longest link distances. Higher radio link budgets translate into smaller antenna sizes, which help to alleviate overall system operating costs.


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