China Mobile Research Institute selects Spirent for EPC network testing

Spirent Landslide equipment to be used to model user behaviour and data traffic patterns to determine impact on the core network

China Mobile Research Institute selects Spirent for EPC network testing

Spirent Communications has announced that China Mobile’s research division, China Mobile Research Institute, has selected Spirent Landslide to verify the performance of its Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network. This selection follows China Mobile’s purchase of Spirent Landslide to test its 3G packet core.

Spirent Landslide will enable China Mobile to model user behaviour and create traffic over the control and data planes by emulating real-world calls from millions of smartphones. The solution was selected to test the performance of the EPC, including MME (Mobility Management Entity), SGW (Serving Gateway), PGW (Packet Data Node Gateway) and PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function).

“Spirent Landslide’s integrated test cases and GUI-based automation allow engineers to quickly model carrier specific subscriber behaviour at extreme scale,” said Ross Cassan, director of product marketing at Spirent Communications.

“Spirent Landslide allows China Mobile to ensure that the mobile core network delivers a high quality of service, will accommodate growth in new subscribers and traffic, and resolves issues in their multi-vendor ecosystem.”

Spirent claims its  Landslide solution is the only one in the industry which is able to emulate the complex behaviour of today’s smartphone subscribers. The solution enables carriers to generate BHCA (Busy Hour Call Attempt) models, including VoLTE mobility scenarios, LTE to 3G to Wi-Fi handovers, and mobile application traffic, helping them reduce the risk of network outages and offer a better user experience. 

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