Zetron and Hytera complete DMR Tier II joint testing

Zetron’s Advanced Communication (AcomEVO) system has completed successful testing with Hytera’s Tier II DMR-based radio system

Zetron and Hytera complete DMR Tier II joint testing

Zetron and Hytera have announced the successful joint testing of their systems using an interface based on the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association Applications Interface Specification (AIS).

The testing involved Zetron’s Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) system utilizing the interface with Hytera’s Tier II DMR system. It is the first multi-vendor implementation of DMR-AIS to a Tier II Network.

The testing confirmed AcomEVO’s ability to integrate and operate seamlessly with radio networks utilising interfaces that adhere to the DMR protocol. Testing was performed on the following features: group call, individual call, emergency alarm, call alert, radio check, text messaging, and radio enable/disable. 

Live demonstrations of the Zetron and Hytera systems operating together will be presented at both Hytera’s booth and Zetron’s booth at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas, NV, 24-27 March 2014. 

"Hytera's strong belief in open standards went one step further when we got involved with the DMR Association’s Technical Working Group,” said Hytera senior vice president, G.S. Kok. “The recent project with Zetron also demonstrates our strong commitment to open standards and interoperability. 

“The AIS interface allows vendors to write applications that can be used with any DMR manufacturer’s AIS-compliant equipment. This important advancement would not be possible without the broad-minded vision of the DMR Association and its members." 

“Our partnership with Hytera and our participation with the DMR Association since 2012 underscore Zetron’s ongoing commitment to open protocols and standards,” said Zetron president and CEO, Ellen O’Hara.

“The demonstrations at IWCE will provide attendees with the opportunity to witness the live operation of the DMR AIS protocol between the systems of two collaborating manufacturers—Hytera and Zetron."


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