Aruba Networks introduces all-wireless workplace solution

New Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks is designed to accelerate the creation of an all-wireless workplace with automated security and performance optimisations

Aruba Networks introduces all-wireless workplace solution

Aruba Networks has unveiled Mobility-Defined Networks, a new architecture for IT departments to build an all-wireless workplace designed for improved job satisfaction and productivity for #GenMobile.

Aruba defines #GenMobile, as a group of employees defined by their preference for mobility both in terms of the devices they use and their approach to work (see report here:

Supporting the new architecture, Aruba also introduced five new software innovations that deliver IT granular visibility, performance optimisations and security automation to support the networking needs of highly mobile employees.

To be a leader in today’s competitive business world, enterprises need their IT departments to help retain and attract #GenMobile employees, believes Aruba. Enterprises can accomplish this by creating a truly all-wireless workplace where Wi-Fi is pervasive, guest and BYOD security are automated, office appliances are mobile-device friendly, and communications applications on mobile devices simply work better.

Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks transform enterprise networks into intelligent systems, providing total control over the all-wireless experience. The added intelligence enables an automated, self-adjusting infrastructure where changes in wireless state trigger security actions and performance optimisation measures so that the infrastructure adapts to its environment. 

Unlike traditional static Wi-Fi networks, Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks eliminate the need for IT professionals to make manual changes to accommodate new mobile devices and applications. The results are fewer helpdesk complaints and a better end-user experience.

As a part of Aruba Mobility-Defined Networks for the all-wireless workplace, Aruba is delivering five essential firsts:

Next-Generation Mobility Firewall

Unlike other Wi-Fi firewalls, Aruba’s new Next-Generation Mobility Firewall uses advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) to set granular role-based policies, quality of service and bandwidth contracts for more than 1,500 mobile applications, even when they are encrypted.

This empowers IT professionals with unmatched Wi-Fi control over applications, accelerating the creation of an all-wireless workplace both IT and #GenMobile employees can trust.

Interactive unified communications dashboard

Aruba AirWave now offers what it claims is the industry’s most advanced and intuitive user interface for visualizing and controlling unified communications (UC), like Microsoft Lync, over Wi-Fi.

The new UC dashboard is the first tool of its kind for IT professionals to bring UC and network performance metrics together in one, simple, consolidated view.

IT administrators can easily point-and-click to retrieve historical metrics and visualize real-time call quality by location, thereby eliminating manual investigations for UC failures.

Combined with the Wi-Fi controls for applications, IT admins now have the tools to cut the cord on the desk phone and wirelessly deliver communications application to #GenMobile users.

ClearPass Exchange and technology partners

The new ClearPass Exchange makes it easy for IT professionals to automate security workflows for the all-wireless workplace.

IT administrators can leverage a set of common language application programming interfaces (APIs) and data feeds that allow ClearPass to automate workflows with almost any third-party IT and business system from Aruba partners like IBM, AirWatch and MobileIron.

For example, a network policy violation will prompt ClearPass to trigger a push notification to the device in question through the Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

ClearPass integrates with the helpdesk systems to then automatically generate a ticket notifying security teams. Now IT departments can accelerate manual processes to satisfy #GenMobile data security concerns.

Auto Sign-On

New Aruba Auto Sign-On enabled by ClearPass and ArubaOS, uses a workplace’s Wi-Fi login to automatically authenticate an employee into Single Sign-On (SSO) enabled applications, like Aruba Auto Sign-On can be easily integrated with existing SSO identity providers, like Okta or Ping, or used independently.

Aruba Auto Sign-On eliminates frustrating and repetitive username-password authentication processes, making it painless for #GenMobile employees in the all-wireless workplace to sign in to enterprise applications.

AirGroup, now for DLNA and UPnP

AirGroup, enabled by ClearPass and ArubaOS, allows #GenMobile to wirelessly share screens and stream media with Apple and Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and universal plug and play (UPnP) devices. 

Only Aruba AirGroup optimises for Wi-Fi performance and limits the view of available devices based on the employee’s role, location and time of day, the company asserts.

Since AirGroup is completely self-service, #GenMobile employees can easily set devices for sharing in their all-wireless workplace, eliminating the need for IT support.


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