Simoco to demonstrate critical comms solutions at APCO Australasia

Global mobile radio specialist to showcase DMR, P25 and industry leading critical communication solutions at wireless communications expo

Simoco to demonstrate critical comms solutions at APCO Australasia

Simoco Group is set to demonstrate critical communications solutions at the 2014 APCO Australasia Conference and Expo in Melbourne between 29 April and 1 May 2014.

The global mobile radio specialist will exhibit the benefits of its P25 and Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) products along with a range of recent customisation projects to senior executives of emergency services, security and government agencies who work throughout the local and international public safety sector.

Simoco will present its latest range of AMBE +2 vocoder enhanced P25 portables and mobiles, which are recognised by the Department of Homeland Security Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) as meeting interoperability standards with other P25 vendors. 

These terminals will be running on Simoco’s SB2025NT Simulcast infrastructure, a fast, spectrum efficient solution that is perfectly suited for wide area coverage. Simoco will also demonstrate its range of digital P25 repeaters including its in-vehicle repeater and rapid deployment solutions.

Simoco will also display Simoco Xd Trunked DMR radio, a complete end-to-end, standards-compliant DMR system, with both DMR Tier II (conventional) and Tier III (trunking) modes of operation (pictured above).

The system offers scalability, resilience and simplicity through a switchless IP distributed architecture, which removes the need for costly core network equipment and eases installation and maintenance. 

Also being featured will be Simoco’s TrakRanger automatic vehicle and personal tracking solution which is perfectly suited for government, commercial and public safety users.  

“Communication is critical for public safety organisations as they rely heavily on resilient radio systems for coverage in harsh conditions and often remote and inaccessible areas,” said Ian Carr, CEO at Simoco Group. 

“This is why we offer a consultative approach so that emergency services and public safety agencies across the world can benefit from radio systems that work according to their specific operational requirements – rather than an ‘off the shelf’ solution.” 

The APCO Australasia Conference and Expo is one of the largest events dedicated to public safety communications and provides vendors with an opportunity to show their latest innovations, which are designed to address the ever changing needs of mission critical users.

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