RealVNC showcases next-generation in car tech at MWC 2014

RealVNC launches latest in phone-centric automotive entertainment and cloud connectivity from Mobile World Congress

RealVNC showcases next-generation in car tech at MWC 2014

RealVNC, the VNC(R) remote access technology provider, recently launched its latest in phone-centric car connectivity solutions from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with their MirrorLink 1.1 certified technology VNC Automotive.

RealVNC's technology makes smartphones the driving force behind in-car entertainment, enabling drivers to access smartphone content such as navigation, music libraries and internet radio from a vehicle head unit.

Rear screen entertainment

The company has taken its VNC Automotive technology a step further with simultaneous streaming. It will enable a phone application such as navigation maps to be accessible from the front screen of the vehicle, whilst at the same time, from the same phone, streaming content such as videos and games to multiple screens in the rear.

The technology even allows for multiple mobile devices to connect in at the same time and stream content so any passengers in the car will also be able to access their phone content, including videos and music. This gives automotive manufacturers the best flexibility to tailor their offering in a unique way.

With safety paramount in the industry the technology allows for the mobile device to be controlled directly from the infotainment touch screen, vehicle bezel keys, steering wheel switches or by voice command. In addition screen blanking options are available so that certain applications are not accessible on the move.

Cloud connectivity

RealVNC's latest VNC automotive offering allows the car to connect to the Cloud, accessing and syncing media with the home. An new use for this software will allow drivers to share their dashboard.

This will mean, for example, if a hire car customer sees a light or notification on the dashboard, they could connect straight through to the hire company who can see their full dashboard and advise if they need to visit a garage or can continue safely. Alternatively they could connect direct to at home media content, work CRM systems, or online traffic information.

VNC Automotive underpins many of the commercial MirrorLink Certified products and has been available in production with automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and phone vendors for over two years. Founded by the original inventors of VNC, RealVNC is the only organisation able to offer a commercial license to embed VNC in third-party products and offerings.


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