Thales wins fourth ETCS railway contract in Poland

Thales will implement an ERTMS solutions and a GSM-R communication system on two sections of the Warszawa–Lódz Line

Thales wins fourth ETCS railway contract in Poland

A Thales-led consortium has been awarded a contract worth approximately €100 million by Poland’s Rail Operator, PKP Polish Lines for the implementation of an ERTMS solution, including an ETCS Level 2 signalling system and a GSM-R communications system, on two sections of the Warszawa–Lódz Line.

The two stretches,Warszawa Zachodnia-Koluszki and Koluszki- Lódz Widzew, have a combined length of roughly 125km. The contract also involves the design and operation of a local control centre, in Skierniewice.

This is the fourth contract for which Thales has deployed its ETCS system in Poland. In total, Thales has respectively deployed its ETCS and its GSM-R solutions on over 700km and 500km of the Polish railway network.

The overarching purpose of this project is to assist the modernisation of the Polish railway network. The implementation of Thales’s solutions will improve safety whilst also increasing the maximum speed to 160km/h for passenger trains and 120km/h for freight trains.

The line’s capacity will therefore increase and journey times will be reduced, thus making rail transport more effective; a considerable benefit for the line’s passengers, most of whom are daily commuters. Thales’s solutions will increase trains’ maximum speed and the line’s capacity, as well as improve safety and reduce journey times.

In Poland, Thales is involved in the implementation of state-of-the-art ETCS technology on the infrastructure of the domestic administrator - PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe. Thales is the first company to have successfully implemented the design and installation of an ETCS Level 1 system in the country.

This system has been implemented on the Central Railway Main Line on the 225 kilometre-long section from Grodzisk Mazowiecki to Zawiercie. The main purpose of this project was to increase maximum speed up to200 km/h.

At present, Thales is involved in implementation of ETCS level1 on the 356 railroad and ETCS level 2 on the E65 Line. Additionally, Thales is carrying out modernisation works on the Katowice-Krakow-Rzeszów section of the E30 Line.

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