Fastback and SIRADEL team up to develop small cell backhaul solutions

Goal is to enable a single network design solution for wireless small cell backhaul across LoS, NLoS and nLoS conditions to address small cell network planning challenges

Fastback and SIRADEL team up to develop small cell backhaul solutions

Fastback Networks and SIRADEL have announced a partnership to provide a single design and planning solution for small cell backhaul network design with high accuracy capability in both LoS and non line of sight (NLoS) conditions.

S_Backhaul leverages SIRADEL technology to enable accurate design for installation of the Fastback Intelligent Backhaul Radio (IBR) in any line of sight (AnyLoS) conditions in unlicensed bands.

The solution addresses the new complexities and requirements for network capacity planning of wireless small cell backhaul, accelerating design and deployment.

The IBR radio characteristics are fully integrated into S_Backhaul, the SIRADEL backhaul planning solution to accurately model the IBR radio behavior. Backhaul link analysis includes LoS, NLoS, and nLoS path prediction leveraging 3D GIS data to maximize accuracy.

Leveraging SIRADEL technology, S_Backhaul analyzes azimuth and elevation components, horizontal and vertical polarization, as well as self-interference and third party interference to predict IBR radio paths. And an integrated capacity planning capability enables insights for accurate prediction and planning before installation.

"The variety of small-cell locations within urban environments and the requirements for availability on backhaul links is a new era in the backhaul industry whose transitions need to be supported with suitable design tools. Our fruitful cooperation with Fastback provides a cost effective solution to design wireless small cell backhaul,” said Laurent Bouillot, CEO, SIRADEL.

"SIRADEL and Fastback have applied our complementary offerings to bring customers a single effective and cost efficient tool for network planning of small cell backhaul, regardless of radio propagation environments,” said Kevin J. Duffy, CEO and co-founder, Fastback Networks. “The resulting solution enables new levels of effective planning and ease of installation critical to small cell deployments.”

SIRADEL Backhaul Design

SIRADEL has a unique position combining expertise in 3D high-resolution GIS production and visualization, cutting-edge 3D propagation modelling and advanced equipment features implementation. This combination in the S_Backhaul tool is the perfect match to address the complexity of backhaul link planning for small cell deployments.

Accurate 3D design enables the exact assessment of backhaul link performance for precise deployment scenarios, whereas comprehensive 3D visualization leads to a reduction of on-field site surveys and anticipation for equipment setup, which reduces global installation time.

Fastback Intelligent Backhaul Radio

The IBR fuses high performance data networking with advanced radio technology to achieve technical and economic breakthroughs that eliminate previous limitations of mobile backhaul performance.

This new class of wireless device is an integrated carrier-grade switch and radio purpose built for the requirements of the new mobile network. The IBR is designed for high performance (up to 500Mbps), low latency (‹500µsec), and integrated Carrier Ethernet capabilities to support new architecture and traffic requirements of the new mobile network.

The Fastback solution uniquely adapts to Line of Sight or complete Non Line of Sight conditions, a capability that Fastback has trademarked, Any Line of Sight.

For the first time, mobile network operators can deploy small cells in any location without line of sight or access to fibre constraints, and fibre network operators can assure delivery of Carrier Ethernet 2.0 services over wireless to locations that previously could not be served.

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