MWC 2014: Huawei announces crowd-sourcing small cell solution

Idea is mobile operators work with building proprietors, network integrators and enterprises to be partners in the construction and operation of small cells

MWC 2014: Huawei announces crowd-sourcing small cell solution

Huawei announced the introduction of its crowd-sourcing small cell solution at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014.This solution will help operators to achieve rapid and large scale small cell deployment to increase the mobile broadband (MBB) network capacity quickly.

This solution will play a vital role in helping operators to expand the enterprise business and achieve the high revenue growth, the company asserted.

With the extensive penetration of smart phones and data traffic increase, mobile operators face challenges such as growth in data traffic and its impact on connections. Mobile operator starts building small cell solution to improve the hotspot capacity.

The traditional small cell solutions are not capable enough to meet the site acquisition and backhaul issues. In addition, the single revenue mode also slowdowns the small cell build-out pace.

As a new internet organization mode, crowd-sourcing can maximize participant’s resource and capability. Huawei crowd-sourcing small cell solution aims to address these challenges when build small cells, make facilities owners, building proprietors, network integrators and enterprises to be partner in the small cell construction and operation.

Mobile operators together with the crowd-sourcing partners form a new exciting business mode to generate revenue from the ultimate MBB era, according to Huawei.

Building a small cell network in the public area where many sites can be utilized as the installation point such as lamp pole, bus station, telephone booth, billboard etc. 

The owners of these facilities act as crowd-sourcing partner by providing site, backhaul and maintenance to the mobile operator. Whereas crowd-sourcing partners take advantage of operator’s high quality MBB services at their locations with abundant applications to improve the end user’s experience.

Huawei’s series of indoor and outdoor small cell product solutions include the multiband multimode AtomCell and LampSite. These small cell solutions provide one-stop solution for crowd-sourcing partners to solve multi-mode wireless access requirements for technologies such as Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Wi-Fi, etc. 

The LampSite solution helps mobile operators to achieve rapid MBB indoor coverage. This facilitates the smooth evolution of multimode technologies and capacity expansion.

The Huawei crowd-sourcing small cell solution consists of three parts: The Service Anchor solution is based on Network Function Virtualization (NFV) architecture which facilitate to build connection between indoor wireless cellular network and the enterprise application platform.

It is also based on an open platform, which supports third party interfaces, that help operator to introduce the enterprise applications and provides excellent enterprise cloud services.

This mode will assist operators to integrate the site based resources and application benefit from site owners and partners. This will bring new opportunities for operator from traditional public market into the enterprise market.

The crowd-sourcing service is packaged with integrated Self-Organized Network (SON) and Plug & Play capabilities. It helps operators to assist “Crowd-sourcing" partners for quick small cellular network deployment. The Intelligent interference control and operation & maintenance management provides the unified carrier-grade services.

Dr. Peter Zhou, general manager of Huawei Small Cell Product Line said: “Huawei has already utilized the Crowd-sourcing Small Cell solution in Europe and Asia pacific markets to help mobile operators to quickly acquire the massive small cell sites. Huawei has already been cooperating with numerous cloud service providers to jointly build small cell and enterprise services.” 

Explaining how Huawei can help the operator and site owner to build the innovative Crowd-sourcing small cell model, Mr. Zhou further added that: “with more support from business partners make you stronger, multi-win solutions make your reach further and outstanding product make you the industry leader.”


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