MWC 2014: NEC launches new concept model iPASOLINK iX outdoor radio

iPASOLINK all outdoor radio series of products, is a 6-42GHz radio communications system aimed at operators seeking to rapidly expand network capacity

MWC 2014: NEC launches new concept model iPASOLINK iX outdoor radio

At MWC 2014, NEC Corporation launched its iPASOLINK iX, an ultra-compact microwave communications system that meets the requirements for a wide range of applications, including access and aggregation needs.

iPASOLINK iX, the latest addition to NEC’s iPASOLINK All Outdoor Radio series of products, is a 6-42GHz radio communications system that is ideal for mobile telecommunications carriers seeking to rapidly expand network capacity in response to the growing adoption of mobile wireless services, bandwidth hungry smartphones and tablets, as well as businesses that require heavy data transmission capacity.

TNWC said the product offers ‘unmatched flexibility and scalability’, not available on current generation products, and can support mobile network service providers for rapid network transformation with several optional menus.

Owing to the distinctive inbuilt feature and ingenious design, the iPASOLINK iX is applicable to a wide range of deployment scenarios and environments. In addition, this enables customers to change the frequency band or sub-band of the product in the field or warehouse, in accordance with its location and use.

High power output and high-order modulation also contribute to the freedom in deployment. Depending on the customer`s rollout and network design, these attributes can be easily changed locally or remotely from the network management, during and even after site installations. As a result, lengthy network planning can be dramatically reduced, allowing maintenance staff to perform other tasks.

Moreover, this new product strengthens existing mobile backhaul networks and expands coverage through its connectivity with other iPASOLINK products. Additionally, its compact, integrated design enables it to be flexibly installed throughout a wide variety of environments.

“NEC is proud to introduce iPASOLINK iX for the aggregation domain as an expansion of its iPASOLINK All Outdoor series of products,” said Jun Mizoe, senior manager of NEC’s Mobile Wireless Solutions Division.

“The introduction of this easy-to-install, large-capacity transmission, zero footprint, all outdoor unit featuring an high-order modulation method, enables NEC to further enhance the strength of mobile backhaul networks and their flexible expansion.”

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