MWC 2014: Bluwan’s LinkFusion 2 delivers 20 base stations in one

Latest evolution offers revolutionary bandwidth enhancements to backhaul and access networks through a ‘pay as you grow’ model

MWC 2014: Bluwan’s LinkFusion 2 delivers 20 base stations in one

Bluwan, a provider of carrier-grade multi-gigabit wireless solutions, launched LinkFusion 2, the latest release of its point-to-multipoint millimetre wave network access and HetNet backhaul system at MWC 2014.

LinkFusion 2 is now capable of cost effectively delivering 20 times the bandwidth of rival systems. Furthermore, thanks to Bluwan’s new ‘pay as you grow’ financial model, operators need only pay for the bandwidth they actually need, driving significant savings in overall total cost of ownership.

Bluwan’s LinkFusion 2 is able to drive such impressive bandwidth enhancements thanks to its capacity and density licensing. Since Bluwan leverages millimetre wave spectrum, it has the ability to add new channels upon request to boost capacity.

Once added, these channels can also be shared, delivering bandwidth to support massively dense networks in areas experiencing greatest traffic demands. The ability to share multiple channels significantly reduces CAPEX and OPEX as the cost per connected small cell decreases.

A LinkFusion four sector base station can aggregate up to 80 channels, supporting 640 small cells and remote sites, delivering unrivalled levels of network capacity.

Bluwan is also able to offer operators new levels of financial flexibility and enable them to scale network bandwidth in line with demand, thus coping with the unpredictability of future 4G and 5G network traffic. While LinkFusion 2 offers network hardware that is 20x bandwidth capable from day one, Bluwan is able to scale capacity requirements in a way that makes most financial sense to an operator while future proofing all network investments.

'Too many existing network access and backhaul systems are being limited by mainstream sub 6GHz spectrum bands,' says Shayan Sanyal, Chief Commercial Officer at Bluwan. 'LinkFusion 2 leverages the significant capacity available thanks to high frequency millimetre wave spectrum and focuses the telecoms industry on boosting supply rather than throttling demand.

'This change in philosophy is crucial if operators are ever to meet the rising capacity requirements needed for 4G and 5G networks. Our self optimising network architecture, combined with our affordable pay as you grow model means that operators can progressively meet the challenges of the 2020 network.'

By delivering such vast amounts of network capacity, Bluwan’s LinkFusion 2 will significantly improve an operator’s ability to deliver high bandwidth services such as HD video across mobile network infrastructure. Through zero touch provisioning and self optimising network capabilities, LinkFusion 2 can offer new levels of mobile service assurance and considerably improve the customer experience.

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