MWC 2014: NEC delivers Cloud Convergence to drive operator business growth

NEC enables telecom operators to launch innovative “network-aware” cloud services and reduce the CAPEX and OPEX for service delivery with virtualisation technologies

MWC 2014: NEC delivers Cloud Convergence to drive operator business growth

NEC Corporation introduced its “Cloud Convergence” vision at MWC 2014, which enables telecom operators to accelerate the launch of innovative “network-aware” cloud services and provides additional services and revenue opportunities by integrating and fully utilising their network and data centers infrastructures using virtualisation technologies.

This approach also allows operators to drastically reduce CAPEX and OPEX required for cloud service delivery and boost revenues while meeting skyrocketing network traffic demand through greater and simplified control over their infrastructure.

With more than 20 commercial projects worldwide, NEC has pioneered the delivery of a wide portfolio of cloud services, including SaaS, PaaS and IaaS through telecom operators, enabling operators to create new revenue streams.

Operators are now facing new challenges to deploy, maintain and manage converged IT and network assets and use them to their full potential to gain a competitive advantage over OTT (Over-The-Top) players in the rapidly growing cloud services market.

NEC’s Cloud Convergence vision enables operators to adopt a fast evolutionally path to become a provider of “network aware” cloud services, which can be realised only by virtualisation and full convergence of their IT and network assets.

For example, virtualisation will enable operators to offer a “smart” cloud-based video conferencing service, differentiated with the addition of simpler and more cost-effective QoS-aware bandwidth management.

Premium service subscribers would be able to benefit from low audio-visual latency through the use of OpenFlow technology, which enables traffic to take an accelerated path through the network, and the automatic allocation of additional bandwidth from a virtualised pool of network resources when required.

The new vision is underpinned by NEC’s Virtual Data Centre (vDC) solution which makes it easier for operators to manage multiple datacenters, eliminate the risk of over- or under-provisioning compute, storage and network infrastructure and maximise resource usage.

It helps operators to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX required to launch and scale cloud services by simplifying the design and operation of their infrastructures, while reducing the lead-times for new service introductions.

This is complemented by Network SmartApps technology which enables operators and their selected partners to develop “network-aware” cloud services that can fully interact with operators’ virtualised assets via APIs published by operators.

The new cloud services can be offered via the NEC Cloud Service Brokerage Suite, a self-service distribution and management platform, using new “InAppSell” technology which enables operators to cross- and up-sell related cloud services.

This new solution increases visibility of the new services and makes it easier for enterprises to upgrade their existing services and order new ones with instant provisioning and a streamlined billing process.

'With our “Cloud Convergence” vision, NEC is fully committed to continuing to grow operators’ cloud revenue streams by enabling them to quickly deploy and scale innovative new cloud services differentiated on a QoS basis,' said Nicolae Varvara, Vice President and Head of Carrier Vertical, at NEC Europe Ltd.

'It represents a major evolution of NEC’s “single basket” strategy that enables telcos to seamlessly cross-sell new cloud-based software and traditional services, such as mobile, landline and broadband connectivity.'

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