MWC 2014: Aricent Launches a M2M gateway software framework for the connected consumer market

The comprehensive software framework supports multiple communications standards such as Wi-Fi and Zigbee that enables monitoring and control of a wide variety of disparate sensors and devices

MWC 2014: Aricent Launches a M2M gateway software framework for the connected consumer market

Aricent, the engineering services and software company, launched an M2M Gateway software package for the connected consumer market at MWC 2014.

Aricent’s M2M Gateway software provides M2M connectivity for multiple applications including building automation, security, automotive, energy management, and connected entertainment at home, retail and corporate environment.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) becoming a reality, there is an increasing need for disparate devices to talk seamlessly to one another and with the cloud.

However, different devices such as music players, digital photo frames, media servers, and home appliances have varied characteristics making it difficult to find a single unified solution for connectivity and data exchange.

Aricent’s M2M Gateway framework addresses this challenge. It supports various communications protocols and middleware stacks by having an Interworking Proxy Framework (IPF) that helps in connecting disparate devices with one another and with the cloud. 

The integrated package includes rich connectivity applications and modular and extensible middleware frameworks that support various technology solutions such as:

  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
  • Universal Plug n Play (UPnP)
  • 3GPP- Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)
  • Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
  • HTTP- Progressive Download
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)
  • Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Miracast.

Aricent’s M2M Gateway framework can be used to enable many compelling ‘connected world’ services such as home device monitoring and control; media synchronization and sharing; and remote media streaming. It also support Miracast SINK that enables wireless delivery of audio and video to or from desktops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices.

“We offer a comprehensive software package in the connected consumer space,” said Pratyush Dasgupta, Vice President at Aricent. “It enables equipment vendors to quickly build high performance feature rich M2M Gateways without making any substantial investment in R&D.”

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