MWC 2014: Cloudberry Mobile launches operator-neutral small cell networks

Small cells as a service can now be deployed with support for multiple mobile operators

MWC 2014: Cloudberry Mobile launches operator-neutral small cell networks

Cloudberry Mobile, the provider of turnkey small cell solutions as a managed service, today (24 February 2014) announced the availability of an operator-neutral managed small cell service, providing great coverage and faster data speeds to subscribers of all mobile networks.

The Cloudberry solution can be rapidly deployed and removes the need to install multiple small cell radios or negotiate contracts with multiple network operators.

The lack of mobile indoor coverage is already an international problem with more and more subscribers complaining to operators about dropped calls and problems connecting. At the same time the ‘all you can eat’ fixed priced data tariffs have created a boost in mobile data traffic that places strain on all mobile networks.

Small cells provide an obvious solution as is evident from the interest of growing numbers of enterprises and professional landlords wishing to ensure that their employees and tenants are being offered superb coverage and sufficient capacity. However, to date, their inability to support subscribers of all networks has presented a significant stumbling block.

Operator-neutral small cell networks have been developed in response to the demand for a service that enables users to take advantage of the benefits of small cells, regardless of the end-user’s network operator.

This is valuable, not only for small businesses but also for multi-tenant buildings and high-user density public venues such as restaurants, shopping malls and other public hotspots that need to offer optimum coverage and sufficient capacity for a large number of users on different networks.

The solution connects Cisco small cells to each mobile operator via Cloudberry’s hosted Cisco small cells gateway.

'There is huge interest in small cells from enterprises and commercial landlords, however, providing support for multiple operators has posed a significant problem,' said Tom Guldberg, CEO of Cloudberry. 

'The Cloudberry neutral network solution provides support for subscribers of all operators, allowing coverage and capacity to be quickly added into any office, venue or commercial building. Moreover, by deploying as a managed service operated by a highly experienced team, it can be rapidly deployed with minimal hassle.'

Cloudberry is also seeing strong interest in its managed small cell proposition from the mobile industry. It offers operators an immediate solution that does not include financial investment and a partner that has the knowledge, experience and background of running small cell services over time.



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