MWC 2014 Preview: Cloudberry announces rapid small cell integration solution

Cloudberry Mobile says it can now integrate small cells into mobile operator networks in just 16 hours working in a live environment

MWC 2014 Preview: Cloudberry announces rapid small cell integration solution

Cloudberry Mobile, the provider of turnkey small cell solutions as a managed service, has announced its ability to rapidly integrate small cells into their networks to improve indoor coverage and add capacity.

The company has achieved network integration in just 16 hours working in a live environment, compared with typical timeframes of weeks. Using its hosted Small Cells Gateway, Cloudberry Mobile connects and integrates rapidly with an operators’ core network, enabling it to take full ownership of the small cell network and handle all operations.

This provides a welcome alternative to the complicated legacy processes that drain capacity and resources, allowing operators to focus on other key areas of the business, the company stated.

For most operators today, augmenting network capacity and solving in-building signal issues is essential. Demand from the enterprise sector is particularly strong and there are clear productivity benefits to going mobile, yet modern construction methods tend to make office buildings some of the worst places to get a high quality signal.

Dropped calls and weak or unstable signals have become all too familiar for many subscribers and the situation is becoming critical in many markets. Small cells are the ideal solution with coverage and capacity at unbeatably low operational costs. However, many smaller operators and MVNOs lack the network assets, IT infrastructure, and manpower to launch and deploy them successfully.

It is important when rolling out small cells, that the operator can continue running existing macro operations without interference. Cloudberry’s managed service alleviates these concerns by hosting a small cell gateway and remotely operating all of the logistics of rolling out enterprise and residential small cells. By working with the operator to integrate the small cell deployment with existing business processes, the installation of small cells is made quick and simple.

“There is huge interest from mobile operators in deploying small cells, however, for many operators the challenges can represent a daunting prospect,” said Tom Guldberg, CEO of Cloudberry. “Our Small Cells as a Service offering addresses these concerns allowing them to outsource their small cell offering to a team with more than six years experience in the area. The installation is incredibly quick and simple, taking just a matter of hours to be up and running as part of a live network.”

Cloudberry recently announced that its new managed service offering is running 100% on Cisco. This solution is especially suitable for operators and MVNOs with limited infrastructure assets; the service combines Cloudberry’s unparalleled operational experience in small cell SON deployments with the Cisco Small Cell Solutions.

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