OneAccess and Auriga Network offer enterprise satellite VPN managed services in UK

First KA-SAT VPN managed service lowers cost of ultra-fast, encrypted satellite connectivity from Eutelsat for UK businesses, providing speeds of up to 20Mbps download and 6Mbps upload

OneAccess and Auriga Network offer enterprise satellite VPN managed services in UK

OneAccess and The Auriga Network have announced the availability of a business-grade satellite VPN managed service in the UK. The two companies said that for the first time the service will enable enterprise customers in the UK to establish a subscription-based, high-speed, fully encrypted VPN via Eutelsat’s next-generation KA-SAT satellite.    

The managed service will enable distributed organisations with sites beyond the range of terrestrial networks to take advantage of KA-SAT’s high throughput satellite transmission speeds together with the most advanced uses of an ultra-fast broadband VPN, including the rapid implementation of integrated backup and traffic offload solutions in highly secure environments.

The service, which provides speeds of up to 20Mbps download and 6Mbps upload, enables the delivery of a variety of traffic acceleration, IP routing and IP-VPN secure transport services and has been specifically designed to meet the needs of organisations that require centralised control over multiple, geographically dispersed sites.

“There is considerable demand for satellite VPN connectivity across a variety of UK sectors,” commented Stephen Flood, CEO, Auriga Networks. “We are seeing particular interest from energy and utility companies, many of which have a business critical need to securely connect hard-to-reach sites to their central infrastructure.

“As a result of OneAccess’ innovation in routing technologies, we are now able to offer the benefits of a KA-band VPN via a managed service, reducing the cost of deployment for customers. Our first major customer implementation is now in its final stages and we look forward to making further announcements in 2014.”

OneAccess designs, develops and markets network access platforms for the profitable delivery of CPE-based managed services for communication service providers (CSPs) across the globe.

In March 2013, Eutelsat and OneAccess introduced an innovative satellite router solution using next generation KA-SAT capabilities to deliver DSL-like satellite VPN services to the enterprise market at DSL-like prices. Auriga’s managed service leverages this technology to manage the consolidation, encryption and routing of data passing from the customer’s terrestrial private network across the satellite VPN.

In addition to bringing KA-SAT connectivity to the UK enterprise VPN market, the OneAccess and Auriga managed service also significantly lowers the typical cost of deployment for a solution of this kind, they said.

Until now, an enterprise satellite VPN solution has required the use of a dedicated IP access concentrator to manage the data encryption specified by VPN standards.

In contrast, the OneAccess and Auriga service manages the encryption for multiple satellite links via a small number of concentrators housed in a single London-based telehouse.

This model significantly reduces both the capex required to provision a new satellite VPN and the opex needed to maintain the system; cost efficiencies which Auriga passes on to its customers via the subscription-based managed service model.

“Innovation runs through every stage of this solution,” commented Bertrand Meis, CEO, OneAccess. “Eutelsat’s revolutionary spot-beam satellite has vastly increased per customer connectivity speeds and available bandwidth. OneAccess’ R&D has developed a multi-service access solution capable of delivering these gains to the enterprise sector, which has transformed the market across Europe.

“Finally, Auriga’s smart deployment of this technology has resulted in an infrastructure capable of delivering satellite VPN connectivity as a managed service, lowering the cost of deployment and putting the solution within easy reach of businesses all over the UK. I am delighted by the progress we have made together in the last twelve months and look forward to our continued successes in 2014.”

The managed service is freely available to UK businesses via Eutelsat partner and exclusive Auriga reseller, Europasat. Andrew Walwyn, CEO, Europasat, commented: “As we read every day in the news, networks carrying personal data and corporate information are under constant attack from cyber terrorists. It’s never been more important therefore that satellite broadband solutions support the latest military grade encryption and virtual private network (VPN) technology.

“Offering managed VPN services over satellite isn’t new, but the game changer is that they can now be delivered over super-efficient Ka band satellite broadband. This means the customer sees a speed benefit of around ten times the old Ku satellite broadband services, for about an eighth of the cost.

“This means even relatively small business can afford to deploy satellite broadband VPNs, delivering vital business services securely to remote sites where wired broadband simply can’t deliver.”

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