MWC 2014 Preview: Siklu cuts small cell backhaul installation to 15 minutes

Installation simplified to enable non-telco engineers to install EtherHaul backhaul system very quickly thanks to a suite of tools including auto-alignment and zero touch commissioning

MWC 2014 Preview: Siklu cuts small cell backhaul installation to 15 minutes

Siklu has simplified installation of its street-level EtherHaul millimeter wave backhaul systems with a suite of tools that includes auto-alignment and zero touch commissioning. It allows installation to be performed by non-telco installers in 15 minutes or less.

“We wanted to empower the everyday installer to deploy millimeter wave systems without any specialized telco knowledge,” says Shahar Peleg, director of product management and marketing at Siklu, the E-band backhaul systems provider.

“With the large number of small cell backhaul deployments and their complexity, it probably will not be feasible to have telco professionals reach every spot,” added Peleg.

Access to the "street furniture" is often restricted, and operators face time limits for installation to prevent traffic congestion or public disturbance. That presents operators with a significant street level deployment challenge. Siklu's tool suite addresses this challenge through addition of an auto-alignment tool for its backhaul radios.

The system can be installed quickly, with auto-alignment keeping total deployment time to less than 15 minutes. Zero-touch commissioning and SON (self-organising network) integration complete the system activation from a central location.

“With our automated tools, not only are there gains in agility and the speed of a rollout, but operators can realize significant cost reductions,” Peleg said. “This makes millimeter waves an even more compelling choice for urban backhaul, with their gigabit throughput, interference-free spectrum, and now, low installation and maintenance costs.”

Siklu will demonstrate street-side installation with auto-alignment at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, February 24-27, in Hall 2, Stand G50.

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