MWC 2014 Preview: NSN adds more personal content and services to Liquid Applications

NSN also extends Liquid Broadband solutions including use of cloud technology to enhance services including video and Voice over LTE, offer advanced services for smarter applications and content management and individualise voice and data applications for every subscriber

MWC 2014 Preview: NSN adds more personal content and services to Liquid Applications

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is enhancing its Liquid Applications for accelerated content delivery and real-time utilisation of network information by making use of advanced cloud technology within the base station. These new capabilities enable new classes of services for consumers, enterprises and other market segments.

The company is also further extending its Liquid Broadband portfolio to address all aspects of content delivery from voice to video as networks evolve to all IP. NSN’s new Services for OTT management helps operators improve the delivery of OTT content, resulting in improved customer experience.

For enhanced voice services, NSN is bringing to the market the first telco cloud based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which helps operators transition to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services rapidly and efficiently.

“NSN continues to evolve and enhance the company’s Liquid Applications solution to create even more value for wireless operators,” said Ed Gubbins, senior analyst for Mobile Access Infrastructure at Current Analysis.

“Some interesting new use cases for Liquid Applications include mobile edge video analytics and instantly available video clips at events or stadiums. It is also interesting to see how NSN is making use of winning submissions from the Innovation Competition the company held last year.”

Liquid Applications’ new capabilities focus on three areas:

Building entirely new types of real-time services delivered from the base station

Examples include instant video replays at sports venues delivered to nearby subscribers, high speed and secure access to corporate intranets, or video surveillance and advanced analytics running in the base station to improve urban transport systems.

Liquid Applications’ distributed cloud capabilities coupled with NSN’s AppFactory allow for agile application development and deployment in very short cycles.

Accelerating content delivery to improve customer experience

NSN’s Liquid Applications run on its radio application cloud server (RACS) within the base stations. The company is now extending the software capabilities of RACS with advanced content acceleration and optimization as well as enabling storage of third-party content. Serving content directly from the base station cuts time-to-content by up to 80% and reduces backhaul traffic by up to 25%.

Improving network operations and gaining new insights into customer behaviour

NSN is introducing RACS-based agents in the base station that collect and process network data in real-time. By using tools such as NSN’s Service Quality Manager to analyze this data, operators can gain deeper insight into user actions and preferences. They can pinpoint precisely how to utilize the available network capacity to best effect and tailor services based on user preferences and location.

“The enhancements we have announced today bring Liquid Applications to life, demonstrating how the power of distributed computing can totally transform the delivery of content and wow the mobile users,” said Dirk Lindemeier, business product manager for Liquid Applications at NSN.

“Operators can take advantage of insights generated in the base stations to find out where and how people use mobile services, and to offer them a completely personalized and contextualized mobile broadband experience.”

Services for OTT management

NSN is also launching its Services for OTT management, a new set of network planning and optimization services that help operators improve the delivery of third-party content.

For example, NSN decreased video buffering by 30% for an operator in Asia Pacific, and enabled an Eastern European operator to deliver a YouTube video experience that was far superior to those of its rivals. Building on research and testing carried out by NSN Smart Labs, Services for OTT management can also help manage the impact of smart devices and OTT applications on an operator’s network.

NSN service experts first analyse the situation and then recommend appropriate actions to improve network performance and boost customer experience. These may include optimising parameters, introducing new software features, or for instance, deploying an additional Liquid Applications server to accelerate the delivery of OTT content in traffic hotspots.

Telco cloud-based IP Multimedia Subsystem

Linked to the provision of high value applications and content, NSN is the first vendor to launch a fully virtualised and stack-independent telco cloud based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), helping operators streamline their transition to VoLTE.

NSN’s optimised IMS infrastructure and the inherently versatile as well as scalable cloud implementation for VoLTE allow high-quality voice calls in the LTE network to be seamlessly transferred to the 2G or 3G network where LTE coverage is not yet available.

Operators can also take advantage of the flexible IMS infrastructure to launch additional services and build a more comprehensive multimedia communications portfolio for their customers.

To learn more about these enhanced capabilities of Liquid Applications and network optimisation, network operators, customers, press and analysts are welcome to visit NSN’s Experience Center in Hall 3, 3B10 at Mobile World Congress, Fira Gran Via, in Barcelona, Spain.

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