Airwave launches 4GMax high-speed data for emergency services

4GMax bundles signals from multiple mobile operators to increase uplink capacity enabling secure and resilient high speed data on demand, including video streaming from vehicles, for the emergency services

Airwave launches 4GMax high-speed data for emergency services

Airwave, the UK public safety TETRA network operator, has launched a secure, high speed data service for the emergency services called 4GMax. 4GMax is a cost-effective service that brings together the signal strength from multiple mobile operators.

By combining bandwidth from up to four commercial mobile networks, 4GMax delivers increased uplink capacity enabling applications, such as live video streaming from vehicles on the move. It also provides an effective alternative to satellite communications or fixed links.

“4GMax improves on patchy and often unreliable commercial mobile coverage and capacity to provide a strong, stable transmission link for supporting the delivery of media-rich video and data,” said Euros Evans, chief technology officer, Airwave.

4GMax intelligently manages the use of each of the SIMs, which reduces the likelihood of interrupted service and provides greater resilience.

“The data packets are split and spread across the different networks enabling greater capacity and speed. It’s a secure solution, because no one party has all the data while it is in transit,” said Evans.

Airwave is currently working with Surrey Police on a mobile video pilot and enablement of Automatic Number Plate Recognition‎ (ANPR) data streaming using 4GMax. Data captured during the pilot has already proven that the sharing of live images between the control room and specialist activities such as surveillance facilitates the speed of decision making, meaning shorter operations that support cost savings.

“Airwave is also working with Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service to deliver remote incident management capabilities. We are expanding the 4GMax platform to the Ambulance Trusts, looking at uses such as patient telemetry,” said Evans. “We are able to build and collate knowledge from across the blue light user community in order to deliver enhanced data services and cashable savings for our customers today.”

4GMax combines the unrivalled security and reliability of the Airwave Network with the broadband capacity of commercial mobile networks giving frontline staff access to information that helps them work more efficiently by using the existing secure links between the Airwave Network and its customers’ control rooms around the country.

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