Critical Communications World switches from Bangkok to Singapore

Political instability in Thailand prompts TCCA and show organisers to move the event from Bangkok to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore; it will now take place at the slightly earlier date of 20-22 May 2014

Critical Communications World switches from Bangkok to Singapore

The Critical Communications World event has been moved to Singapore following the recent troubles in Thailand, where the show was originally due to be held.

The TETRA and Critical Communications Association (TCCA) and show organisers IIR Telecoms released a joint statement yesterday (13 February 2014) saying:

“Due to the ongoing political instability in Thailand, we have taken the decision with the TCCA to move the 16th annual Critical Communications World 2014 out of Bangkok to the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This venue can fully accommodate the event’s conference and exhibition requirements and the dates will be 20-22 May 2014.

“This decision has not been taken lightly and we have considered all options to determine the best course of action. Ensuring the best possible attendance at Critical Communications World is our priority and it is evident that this will not be the case if we remain in Bangkok with the ongoing disruption and uncertainty around security.

“By moving to Singapore we will remain in the ASEAN region, in a more stable environment conducive to hosting a show the scale of Critical Communications World.’

Phi Kidner, CEO of TCCA, has made the following statement: “It is clear that we need to move away from Bangkok. Moving such a large event at this stage in the planning schedule is not easy, but I am confident that IIR have secured the best alternative available.

“Critical Communications World will remain in the ASEAN region and in the same time frame. Despite the inconvenience, we are successfully forging ahead with the event’s marketing process and we will continue to make it another great success. I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues in Singapore.”


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