MWC 2014 Preview: Outdoor enclosure from Ericsson doubles radio capacity in same footprint

Lightweight, modular, standardised, cabinet enables savings in roll-out and maintenance by providing twice the radio capacity in same footprint while minimising installation time

 MWC 2014 Preview: Outdoor enclosure from Ericsson doubles radio capacity in same footprint

As traffic capacity needs grow, Ericsson is introducing a modular all-in-one outdoor enclosure that houses and powers high-capacity mobile broadband sites.

Built to complement its RBS 6000 portfolio, the maximum high-capacity configuration houses up to 8 digital units, 18 radios and 4 MINI-LINK hops in a footprint of less than 0.5 square meters (70 x 70 cm).

The new outdoor enclosure encapsulates multi-standard radio, transmission, power and climate equipment with savings potential for areas with mild to warm climates. The modular system minimizes footprint, installation time, maintenance and cost, and can be upgraded to fit specific site needs, using tailor-made configurations.

When configured as a high-capacity outdoor radio base station, the enclosure can provide capacity for up to 8 digital and up to 12 radio units for all relevant radio standards and frequency bands. It can also be used as a main unit in a main remote configuration using up to 16 internally installed digital units and up to 18 remote radio units, or a combination of macro and main-remote. 

Thomas Norén, VP and Head Product Area Radio, Business Unit Networks, Ericsson said: "Optimising outdoor enclosures is an important area for operators to reduce time-to-service. The All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure helps them to add capacity cost-efficiently, enabling them to handle the massive data growth in the Networked Society."

The All-in-One Outdoor Enclosure is designed to work across Ericsson's entire RBS6000 product portfolio. Visitors to Mobile World Congress can see an example of the All-In-One Outdoor Enclosure in Hall 2.


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