NSN and Huawei sign bilateral OSS interoperability agreement

OSS interoperability initiative is designed to produce pre-tested and pre-integrated OSS solutions for mobile operators

NSN and Huawei sign bilateral OSS interoperability agreement

NSN and Huawei have taken the next step in their commitment to cross-license the OSS interfaces used for multi-vendor management as part of the OSS interoperability initiative (OSSii).

This bilateral agreement is the first between major vendors. Nokia Solutions and Networks’ continued emphasis on multi-vendor integration is readily apparent from its existing Customer Experience Management (CEM) and OSS portfolio, which have an extensive integration library and off-the-shelf adaptations.

Following on from the previously announced Memorandum of Understanding, this new agreement will streamline and simplify the integration of OSS solutions spanning either vendor’s equipment.

Operators are seeking ways to reduce operational costs while meeting the growing demand for data-hungry services. To achieve this, they need best-in-class management solutions to build and operate their network, and to guarantee service quality and customer experience.

The OSSii agreement means that operators can choose the best solutions without the need to invest time and resources in negotiations between the OSS vendors to resolve integration issues.

NSN and Huawei will make pre-tested integrations available, and deliver the OSS software verified for deployment in multi-vendor environments.

“This agreement will bring a whole new level of agility to multi-vendor integrations.” said Peter Patomella, vice president for CEM and OSS at NSN. “We have an industry-leading CEM and OSS portfolio, and OSSii will allow our customers to derive the best possible business value from it, with reduced focus on integration aspects.”

Under the OSSii agreement, NSN and Huawei will cross-license their proprietary Element Management System (EMS) interfaces. The agreement allows NSN and Huawei to use the proprietary EMS interfaces for systems integration and provides the rights to develop, manufacture and sell the integrations as part of their OSS system. In the signed agreement, the two companies also define interoperability testing practices.


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