Icom offers wide range of dPMR two-way digital radios for 2014

IDAS digital two-way radio portfolio now ranges from licence free and licensed back-to-back systems to single site trunking and dPMR mode 3 multi-site trunking systems

Icom offers wide range of dPMR two-way digital radios for 2014

Icom UK has boosted its range of digital radios marketed under its IDAS brand to offer customers more choices in 2014, the company has announced. Its product line ranges from simple back-to-back digital radio systems to single site trunking systems and now multi-site trunking systems with its dPMR mode 3 solution.

The back-to-back digital radio systems are suitable for a single building featuring hand portable radios. The single site trunking systems allows multiple staff to communicate over a wide area within their own groups and cross communicate with extended management teams. 

Icom believes that digital technology is becoming the ‘must have’ in two-way radio communications today. For analogue customers thinking up migrating to a digital system, the key advantages and new features that digital can bring include:

  • Outstanding audio
  • Superb noise cancelling properties
  • Enhanced security
  • Up to twice the number or users on a system.

One of the major advantages of Icom’s dPMR solution is that it enables analogue customers to migrate to digital at a managed pace, as IDAS radios are compatible with existing analogue radios. IDAS radios can receive both analogue and digital modes on a single channel.

Mixed mode operation is a real benefit as there is not the need to buy a complete radio system outright, an important consideration in the current economic climate. This can help in budgeting the transition from an older analogue system to a new digital one.

The full range of Icom IDAS digital radio solutions comprise:

  • Simple two-way digital radio system (Licence Free)
  • Licensed back-to-back digital radio systems
  • Security/facility management digital radio systems with a full level of reporting
  • Digital single-site radio systems with repeaters for extended coverage
  • dPMR Mode 3 for new digital multisite systems.

Simple two way digital radio system (Licence Free)

Smaller businesses can benefit from a localised, licence free solution. Icom provides the IC-F4029SDR , a professional, digital licence free, transceiver that provides fantastic audio quality, secure communications, status messaging and high performance with no licence fee to pay, the company said.

Licensed back-to-back digital radio systems

For greater range at an affordable price the 5 watt IC-F3102D digital hand portable and the 25 watt IC-F5122D digital mobile are suitable. Icom said they are ideal for customers who are looking for an easy to use radio, yet want to benefit from the many advantages that digital radio has to offer. Both models offer outstanding audio quality, high performance, and strong commercial build at a competitive price, according to the company.

Security/facility management digital radio systems with a full level of reporting

For a security management system, Icom UK has developed a number of in-house products including RMS-Net (Radio Management System) ideal for the facility management and security sectors. 

RMS-Net underpins many Icom digital/analogue systems providing efficient communication within the workforce and improved management of health and safety throughout the organisation. There are various options to compliment this system including Guard Tour and Zonal security systems. For more on RMS-Net see story here.

Moving towards a more sophisticated solution for coverage over a wider local area, Icom recommends an IDAS system that utilises handheld two-way radios, mobiles and digital radio repeaters to boost coverage. This system may also be suitable for enhancing coverage in high density environments such as shopping centres.

dPMR Mode 3 for new multisite digital systems

For organisations which require a digital multisite system or digital trunked system, Icom and Fylde Micro have developed a sophisticated digital trunked network system featuring Icom IDAS digital radio and repeaters together with the Fylde MultiLingo controller. The combined system known as dPMR Mode 3 provides a range of features designed to improve an organisation’s performance and efficiency.

The initial Mode 3 capability will be a trunked and networked radio system ranging in size from a single site up to 16 site multi-site trunking operation.  Further enhancements are planned, including large multisite systems capable of working with 1,000 sites. For more on this story see here.

Ian Lockyer, marketing manager for Icom UK Ltd said: “The superior performance of Icom’s digital radios makes them ideal for use in all business environments. Long battery life combined with high-quality construction make models from the Icom range perfect for a system of any size. If you are looking for a simple back to back radio system or even a large scale multi-site solution, then Icom has a range of solutions available.” 

He added: “With dealers nationwide, an informed sales team and a dedicated after-sales service, Icom UK is fully-equipped to satisfy your mobile radio communication requirements.”

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