Amdocs unveils self-optimising network solution for mobile operators

Amdocs self-optimising networks solution helps mobile service providers autonomously optimise their radio access networks to improve the customer experience

Amdocs unveils self-optimising network solution for mobile operators

Amdocs has announced the arrival of its Amdocs Self-Optimising Networks (SON) solution, which automates the optimisation of radio access networks (RANs), today (10 February 2014).

As mobile network traffic continues to soar, Amdocs SON is designed to give mobile service providers a market-proven solution that efficiently manages increasingly complex heterogeneous networks (HetNets), maximise capacity utilisation and improve network performance and quality for their customers.

Amdocs SON is already successfully deployed at global service providers to help them deliver better network performance, data traffic improvements, improved capacity and near-real-time performance, especially during major sporting and cultural events. 

In Latin America, four mobile service providers are deploying the Amdocs SON solution, including TIM Brasil, which will use Amdocs SON in select Brazilian cities hosting the World Cup soccer games to deliver an overall improved customer experience for visitors and citizens, before rolling it out to the whole country. 

Amdocs SON is:

  • Vendor-agnostic with multi-technology support – delivers maximum impact regardless of network equipment provider or technology
  • Customer experience/value-driven – integrates market-leading business support systems (BSS) with SON to target optimisation more effectively by subscriber location and value
  • Able to support 2G and 3G services as well as LTE – maximises the value of existing network assets
  • Offered with a comprehensive range of services to integrate SON into existing equipment, operational/business support systems and processes – streamlines adoption while reducing operational risk

“Given the complexity and scale required from solutions to support increasingly sophisticated and active mobile data users, vastly improved network optimisation is essential,” said Tim McElligott, senior consulting analyst at Stratecast.

“Automating the process is an important component for optimising the network, and by extending the customer experience into the network, as Amdocs has done with its SON solution, operators can also maximise network value.  Delivering the right experience to the right customer at the right time is the ultimate goal for mobile operators. Amdocs SON can help operators control, manage and monetise RAN networks in real time in order to achieve that goal.”

Rebecca Prudhomme, vice president of product and solutions marketing at Amdocs, said:  “Amdocs SON, the flagship offering of our new Amdocs Network Solutions business, reflects our expanded focus on the network software domain.

“Our acquisitions of Actix and Celcite, and their complementary product and services offerings, provides us with an impressive installed base of existing customers –making Amdocs today one of the leading independent providers of vendor-agnostic SON solutions.

“And, with Amdocs’ in-depth knowledge and expertise in deploying mission-critical systems within highly complex service provider environments, the risk associated with SON deployments is reduced,” said Prudhomme.

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