MWC 2014 Preview: NSN launches telco cloud management solution

NSN says its portfolio now supports all aspects of preparing, deploying and running a telco cloud for operators and takes it to commercial reality with new automated application management tools

MWC 2014 Preview: NSN launches telco cloud management solution

Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) is launching Telco Cloud Management, which it claims is ‘the most comprehensive solution from any telecom vendor to comply with ETSI NFV’ (network functions virtualisation).

The release supports operators as they host their network functions on cloud-based infrastructure. NSN is also extending its end-to-end Services to help operators prepare, implement and run their own telco clouds and migrate existing telco services to cloud-based networks.

Based on its extensive work in recent years to develop and run a wide variety of trials and pilot implementations, NSN has now brought the telco cloud to commercial readiness, and is building a telco cloud partner program to support it.

NSN Telco Cloud Management includes two main components:

  • the cloud-ready NetAct Operations Support System (OSS) for managing virtualised and non-virtualised network elements;
  • and the new Cloud Application Manager for managing applications in the telco cloud.

Cloud Application Manager automates many phases in a telco application’s life cycle from development to deployment, through to maintenance. It also provides automated elasticity management of cloud resources to ensure the right network capacity is available to run applications.

The new function enables operators to take full advantage of the benefits of the telco cloud, such as flexible capacity to ensure the best customer experience under any traffic conditions, higher utilisation of hardware investments, shorter time to market for new services and efficient development of more innovative services.

NSN’s current virtualised network functions are already designed to be platform independent. Building on this, NSN Cloud Application Manager is cloud platform agnostic, supporting a number of cloud stacks to meet different operators’ requirements. As new cloud stack vendors become relevant for the telco industry, this approach ensures they can be supported.

In line with its platform agnostic approach, NSN is building a telco cloud partner programme with a number of players in the industry. Within the scope of this programme, the company is extending its relationship with HP, one of its IT platform providers, to the telco cloud.

In addition to IT platform sourcing, the collaboration’s new scope includes integration services as well as joint telco cloud architectures and delivery models. Operators can benefit either by deploying a complete NSN-built telco cloud infrastructure or by integrating NSN telco cloud solutions on top of their operator clouds, based on the HP cloud platform.

“NSN’s track record in telco cloud innovation is unmatched by any other vendor,” claimed Michael Clever, senior vice president of Core, NSN. “Now we are launching the industry’s first commercial, standardised telco cloud solution backed by expert services. The telco cloud has finally become a reality for operators worldwide.

“And our new Cloud Application Manager makes sure operators can tackle the complexities of telco cloud any time, with flexible network capacity, shorter time to market and high return on hardware investment,” said Clever.

The company’s enhanced end-to-end services for telco cloud support operators as they migrate to telco cloud operations, addressing their key questions:

  • How do I prepare for the telco cloud?
  • Which deployment model should I adopt?
  • How do I operationalise the telco cloud?

The services are tailored to the individual needs of each operator and can encompass areas such as migrating existing telco services to the cloud, deploying cloud applications, security solutions, software maintenance and operations support.

“Our Services for telco cloud are based on our long experience of providing services and our expertise in the telco aspects of building and running cloud-based infrastructure. Services focused on the pure IT aspects of the cloud are delivered by NSN with support from leading cloud and IT platform services partners. Our Services help to ensure a smooth evolution to the cloud,” added Clever.

You can visit NSN’s Experience Center in Hall 3, 3B10 at Mobile World Congress, Fira Gran Via, in Barcelona, Spain from 24-27 February 2014.

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